T-ara is back with another treat for their loving QUEEN's!!
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It's been a long while since we received some updates from their first Android app named 'T-ARA', and it seems that we'll no longer receive updates through that as the group has now released their new application named 'TARA-HOLIC'.

It's FREE but it's currently only available on Google Play.  You can go to this link to download it, or you can also check out description and pictures below. Also note that the APP is still in BETA.

DESCRIPTION: (Only available on Google Play)
TARA-HOLIC is the Official APP managed by T-ARA.
TARA-HOLIC, the best gift for fans!
Now you can communicate with T-ARA. Exchange whispers with them and listen to their stories.
You can experience their daily life and get closer to them.
- News feed
T-ARA's personal story just for you.
- Photo
You can see special photos taken by T-ARA.
- Location
It will tell you their current location.
- Whisper
Whisper to T-ARA.
- Compass
A special compass that exists only here!
Now you can know where they are right away.
You can find T-ARA's location and distance from you through the compass in real time.
You can use TARA-HOLIC more easily with SNS Connection.