T-ara is up preparing something for their Japanese fans!

On the 21st, it was revealed that T-ara is set to release their 3rd Japanese album this May.

It will be titled as 'Gossip Girls', and it will be released on the 14th of May to be exact.

1. Just Now
2. Lucky Wannabeee!
3. NUMBER NINE (Japanese ver.)
4. Lead The Way
5. Keep On Walking
6. Knockin’on my heart
8. 私、どうしよう (Do You Know Me Japanese ver.)
9. LA’booN
10. A-HA
11. Memory ~ The Guidance You Gave Me (Jinx!!! OST)
12. T.T.L ~ Time to Love (Japanese ver.) DJ Hanmin Remix

It will come in three versions, and they are as follows:

Diamond Edition
One random card; 32 page Photobook;
DVD: T-ARA special movie tentatively titled as "Gossip Girls" (50 mins)
(More details to be released later)

Sapphire Edition
One random card;
DVD: (Number Nine JPN version, Memory ~ The Guidance You Gave Me, Lead The Way, Lead The Way Lip version, Gossip Girls recording BTS, Gossip Girls photoshoot BTS)

Pearl Edition
CD Only; One random card