Get ready to know more about T-ara's Eunjung!

After seeing her charismatic photos, and her behind-the-scene video, here comes Eunjung's interview with BNTNews.


A group constantly being the centre of topics, T-ara. Among them, the one with the widest variety of activities onscreen, T-ara member Hahm Eunjung. Through bntnews’ pictorial shoot, we meet her.

As a T-ara member who is always under glamorous spotlight, she has become the centre of many topics and gossips in recent times. Although she has cried, and also laughed, she never gets overly emotional. The professional attitude that she demonstrates comes from her experience she has accumulated in the entertainment industry since she was a child actor and also from her strong willpower.

The public remembers the various aspects of her. Although we’ve seen the Hahm Eunjung of T-ara, acting, variety and many other different aspects, it is not often that we get the chance to listen to her frank words. As we meet her in the interview through the bnt pictorial, meet Hahm Eunjung as one person, and also as a woman.

Chapter 1. Hahm Eun Jung

Curious about your recent situation.
Late last year, we ended our activities. Now I’m living a very special time. Just resting. Exercising, reading books, taking time out to watch performances, travelling with my family, things that I haven’t tried before in my life, I’m trying them out one by one. Isn’t there a saying that goes like this, “things you can see only when you stop”? Recently, I’ve felt and understood lots of things.

You really ran without resting. You’ve been remarkably busy with various activities on TV screens, making the title “idol” pale in insignificance and seemingly leaving behind unique impressions.

Firstly, to be able to get so many opportunities, I’m very grateful. Because there are people who have given me chances and people who have taken care of me, that is why I have had so many opportunities. In addition, to be able to digest these opportunities, activities as a childhood star has given me a lot of help. Since young I have experienced things like CF, movies, dramas and various other fields, allowing me to develop an ability to adapt to new environments. Hence, I could succeed doing so.

Most memorable work?
"Queen Insoo" was very memorable. To be able to film together with many teachers and seniors, it was an irreplaceable learning experience. It was a chance to learn many things, I am very happy to be able to take on the challenge of the field of historical dramas. Personally, I really like hanbok.

Acting vs Music
For me, acting and music are integrated. Listening to music when I’m acting helps me get emotionally involved, and if I make music like I act, it is also helpful. Both of them organically combine with each other, it is impossible to pick one that is more valuable. I really love them both exactly the same. If there’s a chance in future, I would like to do them both. If I have such luck.

What is Hahm Eunjung’s biggest charm?
People around me say that my charms are optimism, friendliness. Although as an artiste, I have a proud and capable image, I am not like that in private. I am very feminine and delicate.

I think my strength is that I can adapt and understand very well no matter what circumstances I am under. If you do not deny reality and accept it, you can gain the power to overcome the environment. Optimistic, cheerful, happy.

In reality, I am very feminine, the public thinks that T-ara’s Hahm Eunjung is a capable and powerful rapper.

Although there are many aspects, if there is a chance, I would like everyone to understand how feminine I am in private, my petite and cute side. However, I do not wish to force everyone to understand, and I do not wish for them to change reluctantly. I want it to be natural, like flowing water, showing Hahm Eunjung’s different aspects.

Speaking of “Hahm Eunjung” makes us think of short hair.
It seems like it has always been short hair since after “TTL”. It is because I have fallen in love with the charms of short hair, and also because although I have tried growing out my hair, it has failed evertime. Whenever my hair grows to a middle length, because of my mentality of wanting to look pretty, I will always cut it short.

Also, I am afraid of changing my hairstyle. When people are not clear of my looks, many people has the impression that I am “T-ara’s short-hair friend”, so I have no choice but to cut it. However, I have secretly tried curling my hair and changing my hair parting, they don’t seem to be obvious. (laughs)

Chapter 2. Love

Unknowingly, you are in your mid-twenties already. It seems likes you really want to go on a date on the weekends like your peers.

When I was slightly younger, if someone asked me to, I would go to the meet-up immediately. But after such a long time in the entertainment industry, I’ve become more careful recently. I will first consider whether or not my special circumstances will hurt the people I treasure.

I think being in love is a kind of a learning experience. During this period of time, I have had my own lifestyle and values, to be able to meet someone, find many similarities, develop love, only then will we be able to establish a romantic relationship. Lovers need to go through lots of emotions and accommodating of each other for that relationship to form. Because there’s a need to go through such a process, I want to date carefully and seriously. I do not like dating because of loneliness.

Openly dating vs Secretly dating
I prefer dating secretly. I think this is better for the two of us. Although I do not think there’s a need to hide after we naturally know each other, there would be a lot of responsibility if we have to openly date. I will announce publicly if we manage to get married.

You have worked with many pretty male stars before. I’m curious as to whether you have an ideal type.
My ideal type is a prudent, understanding and humorous person, a man who can protect his girlfriend well. So I like older men. I like men who have much worthy of respect. Looks? That does not seem too important.

If I were to pick personalities similar to the ideal type mentioned above, it would be actor Kim Soohyun and Ok Taecyeon. They are both sincere and have their own standards. They put in a lot of effort when doing their own work. They are also very humorous on filming set. Because I meet them for work-purposes, they are the type that I won’t develop any feelings for. I will treat them as colleagues, as partners.

I have mentioned in the past about my ideal type. Men with warming charm, like seniors Park Hae-Il and Yu Ji-Tae. Recently I find that men who are wise, rational and have a loving charm, like senior Sung Si-Kyung,

Chapter 3. Hahm Eunjung and T-ara, and the future

What is T-ara to Hahm Eunjung?

It is a natural existence. I have never thought of the idea of not having T-ara anymore before. Even in times like now, when we are not carrying out any activities, we will meet up like friends, chat with each other, relieve stress. We have already been together for more than five years. Even if we do not talk, we know what each other is thinking about. When we don’t meet, we will miss each other. Even when we get married and have children in future, we will continue to meet up, having a presence like family members.

Do you quarrel?
When the members first met, we quarrel sometimes. Like how biological sisters quarrelling when they were young, but grow up to become the best of friends. We are like that too. Now, because we know each other very well, there are no conflicts. Over time, we have this skill of being able to come to consensus even when we have differences.

What are your future activity plans?
I would like to greet everyone as T-ara, we will make a comeback when we come across a good work. Personally, I am interested in independent films and short films. If there’s a chance, I will act in those. I want to ignite my passion for acting. I will not dwell too much on the size of the role, I just want to be a professional actor who can resolve any situations encountered.

What kind of image would you like to be remembered as having?
I want to become someone who can portray a positive feeling. I hope that when others see me, their moods will turn better, and that they can feel more cheerful. “Really good”, this seems like a sentence which encompasses everything. I will work hard, so as to hear more of “Hahm Eunjung is really good”.