With the release of Jiyeon's '1 Min 1 Sec' earlier today, her fellow members from T-ara were in full support!

Let's start with Jiyeon who expressed, "My song has been released today~ Please show lots of love and support! I’ll show you my best look on stage!! 1MIN1SEC hwaiting!!!!", followed by Hyomin who stated, "Our Jiyeonie’s 1MIN1SEC is gonna do great".

Then there's Eunjung who wrote, "Finally our maknae♡ We have to play it all day long! Jiyeonie hwaiting!!".

Eunjung also added, "Our little sister's solo ♡I'm going to listen to it all day! Go Jiyeon!!".

And Boram who wrote, "1MIN1SEC Kid hwaiting_☆".

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