Up for another fun interview? Here's one with T-ara's Hyomin!

As it is her birthday today, here is Hyomin's interview with 'Economy Today' where she talked about birthdays and more!


Girl group T-ara member, Hyomin is having her 26th birthday today (the 30th). Recently, Hyomin’s been spending hectic and busy days preparing for her album before she makes her solo debut soon. Everyone wants to make their birthday the most special day, but for hyomin who, even in her birthday, is still practicing and dropping sweats at the practice room in order to have a perfect solo stage, we prepared a small birthday interview to celebrate her birthday. Born on 30th of May, 1989.

Q. What will you do on your birthday?
A: “Since I’m now in the midst of preparing for my solo album.. I think I’ll practice the dancing and the singing!”

Q. How do you feel about birthdays?
A: “I used to to get so excited and happy before but now I come to think more of my age and somehow feel more responsibility on my shouldersㅠㅠ.”

Q. What do you think about aging?
A: “I feel more burdened and feel a bigger sense of responsibility, although I wouldn’t be so happy (about aging) but I think I still always feel excited.”

Q. What’s the age you anticipate the most? And why?
A: “The age of 34. Because it’s the age I want to get married in!”

Q. On your birthday, what do you hate to hear the most and what do you want to hear the most?
A: “I think what I hate to hear the most is ‘How old are you now’. There’s nothing I want to hear in particular I think I’d be really grateful even if you just congratulate me on my birthday and say anything that makes my birthday memorable.”

Q. What was your conception dream?
A: “My mom said that she was carrying a basket full of snakes with her but during that time one really big snake passed away.”

Q. The most memorable birthday?
A: “When I was young and used to invite my village friends at my house then party while having yummy food, I think that was the most fun.”

Q. What was the most special gift you received on a birthday?
A: “I think it’s really hard to just choose one. A present is meant to let us reminisce memories. So they are all special.”

Q. A birthday gift that you want to receive?
A: “A holiday!”

Q.A thing that you definitely want to do If given a birthday holiday?
A: “If I’m given a holiday as a birthday gift then I’d want to go on a trip. Backpacking around by my own.”

Q. What was your birthday wish when you were young? Did it come true?
A: “When I was young my wish was to have a younger sibling but it didn’t come true. ^^;;”

Q. What would you like your birthday to be in 10 years?
A: “I think spending it happily with my family is the best. Of course, I wish to spend it along with my other half as well…♥”

Q. Is there any celebrity that you want to receive birthday wishes from?
A: “Hyori unnie! As I am preparing for my solo album she’s been the one I’ve been looking up and monitoring the most, that’s why I keep seeing unnie’s face in my mind.”

Q. Please say a word to yourself on your birthday.
A: “I hope to be even happier on my birthday next year than this year~ As I now aged one more year, I’ll keep up my spirits and live diligently!”

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