T-ara's JiYeon has met the press conference for her first mini-album titled 'Never Ever'!

From her interview with the press, Jiyeon expressed, "It's very different than T-ara's style. Going up on stage by myself, by itself, makes me nervous and worried".

She also stated, "I didn’t know why did it have to be me to go first. Was it because I was the magnae," she said while joking. "Actually at the office when I was offered to go solo I felt like ‘I don’t have the skills to go solo, do I?’ but because the T-ARA unnies and composer Double-Sidekick showed me lots of support and praise I gained courage. Now I am enjoying it", after asked regarding how she feels to be first T-ara member to release a solo album.

Jiyeon also added, "Meanwhile, although T-ARA activities are of course important and I am focused to do my best during my parts, In the case of doing a solo song, I worried a lot about having to do everything by my own, it was a burden to me and I couldn’t sleep at night. Given that it’s my first solo I gained lots of greed. I practiced a lot to not miss a single part".

Jiyeon also explained how the concept and her title track '1 Min 1 Sec', was chosen by saying “During the long time I spent with our company I’ve went through meetings. My opinion and the company’s were different but this time, it actually reflected our boss’ opinion. I wanted a boyish and manly look but our boss insisted on a sexy concept. So this time (the concept) only had 30% of my opinion. But it still feels satisfying. I want to quickly go up on stage. I aim to hear ‘Your skills improved even better than during T-ARA activities’. Ofc. I wish to win 1st (on music shows) but before that I want to receive the praise: ‘a cool woman’.”

Along with Jiyeon, other artists like Secret's Hyosung, and G.NA are also having a sexy concept for their new releases, and aside from that, their songs were also composed by Duble Sidekick.  In regards to this, Jiyeon expressed, "Actually I, too, worried a lot. However, listening to the songs and watching the MVs, all of us three have a very different style. So I wish that it can be a win-win situation for all. I actually don’t have much celebrities whom I am close with but this time I wish we all get close with each other. I yet don’t have the feeling or the competitive spirit of being a rival".

Jiyeon also shared, "I actually don’t have any weapon. I am trying my best. When you watch the video it doesn’t look tiring at all but from the point of view of the person actually dancing it feels like dying. There wasn’t any time to rest. It was really tiring. That’s why I practiced and prepared a lot for the solo. I want to receive praise for many parts. I want to hear things like ‘She has such a look’ ‘Looks different than T-ARA’ ‘So that all was hidden all along’. I’m not thinking much about wining no.1 and just doing all my best".

After asked if there was a friend who was a great source of strength for her, Jiyeon replied with IU.  She shared, "IU gave me lots of strength. She told me on the phone ‘Doing activities by your own is very lonely and tough,’ and showed me lots of support". She also advised me by saying “Don’t do a sexy concept. Don’t go too much into sexy,” (laughs) She also gave me words of support like “You’ll do great”. It gave me lots of strength".

The press also asked if this solo debut is her ultimate goal and Jiyeon replied with “I wish this round of solo activities isn’t the last,” she smiled cutely. “I don’t know why I want to hear people calling me ‘cool’ soo much. Rather than ‘Sexy’ I want to hear that I’m ‘very cool’".

Here are more of her flawless photos from the Press conference.

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