It's indeed a happy day not only for T-ara's Jiyeon, but the whole group as well who performed today at the 2014 Dream Concert.

What happened at their waiting room? Well, the loving T-ara unnies has prepared something sweet for their maknae.  Check out their joyful video clips below.

"Qri: Happy Birthday ♡ Jiyeon-ang Straweberry #Jiyeon #BirthdayParty"

"Hyomin: Our maknae who turned 22years old now..Happy birthday, a cake among ourselves after we finished our Dream Concert stage bbyong bbyong"

Boram also shared, "Happy birthday to our reliable maknae who only gives courage and energy to her unnie♡ Jiyeon-ah let’s live doing everything we want to do. Don’t cringe at trivial things here and there and let’s just live being the way we are.^^".

Hyomin, Boram, and Qri's Instagram