Our lovely birthday girl has sat down for a fun interview with Economy Today!

Check it out below and let's get to know more about T-ara's adorable JiYeon.


Born on 7th of June, 1993. Today(the 7th) is the 22nd birthday of T-ara Jiyeon who has recently released her solo album ‘NEVER EVER’ and flaunted her sexy charms that overflow with charisma through her title track ‘1MIN1SEC’.

As she has started her busy activities as a solo singer, just like always, she has to spend her birthday while doing her schedule rather than throwing a birthday party. It’s a situation where one can complain, but for Jiyeon, the reason she’s still having a bright expression on is because of the love she received from her fans as a gift, that made her brush off all the burdens she felt as she was preparing for her solo activities.

Q. What will you be doing in your birthday?
JiYeon: On my birthday, I have to perform at a music show and at Dream Concert. I think I’ll spend my birthday while doing my schedule ㅠㅠ.

Q. What do you think about aging?
JiYeon: I don’t what to say, but having to spend everyday doing my schedule in contrast with old days, I think it gets more tiring.

Q. What’s the age you anticipate the most?
JiYeon: Late 20s? I’m very curious as to what will I be doing then. I think that’s the age when a woman is most beautiful.. the age where one gets mature.”

Q. On your birthday, what do you hate to hear the most and what do you want to hear the most?
JiYeon: What I want to hear is “Thanks for being born”. I don’t think I have anything in particular that I hate hearing.

Q. What was your conception dream?
JiYeon: I heard that my conception dream was that there was an open field with lots of blooming flowers, but my mom picked up the biggest and most beautiful flower amongst that. That flower must be me. Haha.

Q. The most memorable birthday?
JiYeon: Hmm…Since after I debuted I always had a schedule on my birthdays. And hence, although they all remain my memories, I don’t think there’s especially one that I can pick. This time, I’m spending my birthday while doing solo activities for the first time but, luckily, many people showed me love so I think it’ll be a great birthday.

Q. A thing that you definitely want to do If given a birthday holiday?
JiYeon: I want to try going on a trip with my family for once, even if to the nearby Jeju island. So far, I’ve never even once travelled somewhere with my family. If I get a holiday then I’d definitely want to travel with them.

Q. What was your birthday wish when you were young? Did it come true?
JiYeon: When I was young, my dream was to become a Taekwondo master. And so my wish was that “I want to become a Taekwondo player”, but sadly that dream faded away gradually.

Q. What would you like your birthday to be in 10 years?
JiYeon: in 10 years I’ll be 32 years old. I really wish I’d be actively doing activities even by then, but I also wish that I wouldn’t have any schedule on my birthday then. Hahahaha.

Q. Please say a word to yourself on your birthday.
JiYeon: First, I’d like to say a word to my parents rather than myself; “Thanks and I’m grateful to you for raising me up beautifully and healthily. I’ll become an even more filial daughter in the future”. Also, if I’m to say one word to myself, until now…ah what should I say to myself? Hm. Congratulation on your 22nd birthday and I’ll become an even more hardworking me in the future. Fighting~! Ah cheesy. End. Bbyong!

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