This Summer will be definitely be hotter with T-ara Hyomin's solo debut!

Hyomin will be releasing her solo album on the 2nd of July but prior to that, it was revealed that she will be releasing two more video teasers; one will be a 15+ version, and the other will be a 19+ version.

It was also revealed that Hyomin has directly participated in the choreography, stage outfits, music video, and the concept for her album.  She has also spent more than 30 hours to film her music video showing how hard Hyomin worked for her solo debut.

Hyomin's solo is set to be released on July 2 and while waiting for the teasers and the full music video, you can check out her hot new concept pictures below first.

t-ara hyomin nice body

nice body hyomin t-ara