T-ara's Hyomin had a wonderful day and following her photos earlier, she is back to share some more!

It's through her Naver Blog this time, and you can check it out below.

"Today's the day I had a Weekly Idol recording.."

"I packed some Won Halmoni Bossam for lunch.."

"I concluded that I can’t eat bossam while enjoying its taste in the car. (usually taking selcas because(?) of my new handphone…)"

"stopped by the Han river on my way iehingAlthough the weather was hot, I was so so much excited to be out on a picnic .."

"Yooji and Seungji unnie who were reflected on the sunglass…"

"Done with the Bossam setting!!"

"Happy lunch!! I think we planned very well today :-)"

"Oh yeah I took so many photos today since I was excited, and even made a (blog) update like this after a year..I should write fun diaries often.. :-]"

Hyomin's Naver Blog