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Have a good read and check out her interview with WStarNews where she talked about her solo debut, fashion, the secret behind her gorgeous body, her drinking buddy, and more!

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T-ARA Hyomin's mini-album's title track was released. Even before it got released, it got lots of anticipation for being the work of 'Brave Brothers' and gathered up even more interest as the MV teasers were divided into rated 15+ and rated 19+ versions.

The american TV show 'Gossip Girl' is a TV show that's popular for its 'gossip' material about the stories of the american upper-class. It has a steady popularity for its constant release of seasons. On the dictionary, the word 'Gossip' is defined as the comments made for fun on articles. In America and Europe, it originally means the rumors made on celebrities in the fashion world.

T-ara Hyomin was no less than any other female singer when it comes to gossip, but deep inside she was a steady center of attraction that doesn't fall apart. Easygoing Hyomin, which does doesn't go well with the idol image. Let's start the [Chatter of The Stars] with 'Nice Body girl' Hyomin who's the loveliest and has an overflowing warm energy like that of the word XOXO(kisses and hugs)

Q.This is your first solo. How do you feel?
I participated in this album production with a self-composed song. I even participated in making the album photos, cover, and design. (laughs) There's my first self-composed song amongst the tracks. I didn't know it would be this hard, but it was really hard as I was preparing. Since I wrote the lyrics, it became a rap that I was able to tell relatively lots of stories through.

The title is '담'(as in 'story', as in 'overcome'). It's hard to say it's all about my story, it's a song that carries the hopeful message that “You can do it, you can get up” to people who are tired and are facing difficulties in their daily life.

Q. The biggest reason you're going out as a solo?
It's the thought that I want, through solo activities, to show a little more developed image than the one that emerges when I'm in a girl group. I think I wanted to try out some bold styling and so I ended up actively participating in [the styling].

Q. Did the agency's CEO (CEO Kim KwangSoo)'s opinions play a big role in the album production?
Different than when working with us as T-ara, the boss listened a lot to what I have to share this time. I dyed and cut my hair, even the styling went according to my opinions. I didn't necessarily do everything my way, but I gathered up lots of materials and then did the overall design of the album's image. We decorated the materials after looking through magazines and the internet. (laughs)

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Q. How was the Boss' 'sense'?
He decided on the font and adjusting of the text that goes onto the photoshoot and jacket images. I think this is where I really have to acknowledge the boss' sense. But still, it makes everyone tired. (laughs)

Q. What do the numbers '34- 24- 36', that appear on the MV, mean?
Wouldn't that be the ideal body that women want?(laughs)

Q. T-ara Jiyeon made her solo comeback ahead of you. What kind of competition does that make?
We talked to each other about not attaching ourselves too much to the results and outcome. Jiyeon really had lots of worries, but the outcome exceeded expectations. I think it was because she practiced so much and at the same time showed everything that she's prepared on stage. You can feel that "Jiyeonie had really put so much efforts into it" not only through broadcasts but even more through other activities. For instance, through her interviews, individual schedule, etc. (laughs)

Q. T-ara made a comeback at Jeju-do during their resting period, how did it feel then
At that time, we relied a lot on each other and then went up on the stage. If you're to ask about how much we worried, I remember we thought "What if they come up to us on the stage?" and plugged our in-ear earphones inside as much as we could and raised the volume to the max before going up on stage. It actually was really scary and so terrifying, but we were able to hold on thanks to having each other.

Q. You've challenged yourself in acting. What are Hyomin's thoughts on acting?
It's something that I'd defintely want to do if I am given the opportunity to do. If I look back, I think I had lots of greed in the past. Wining no.1 as a singer, our songs receiving lots of love, and even filming a drama for the first time. I had the huge greed that “I can do more, I want to do more”, but it also makes me have lots of regrets.

I want to do (acting) when I become more emotionally stable and get determined that, “I want to pull off a perfect acting.” I'm planning to nicely take the challenge after I accumulate more life experiences and grow more mature from the inside.

Q. What does the drama 'Gyebaek' mean to Hyomin?
It's the most memorable work. Back then, Lee Seojin senior took really good care of me. He was strict when he scolded me, and warm-hearted when he stood up for me.

Q. A drama you've been interested in lately?
It's 'God's Gift'. I watched it because Sunhwa appeared in it. Since old days, Sunhwa has been a friend who's strongly passionate about acting. When I was watching it, I was able to feel that "Woah, she's really put so much effort into it", I was able to feel it even through the monitor only.

Q. Is there a character you want to challenge yourself to do in the future?
I want to try something dramatic regardless of the genre. If comedy then comedy is it, if not, then a profound character would also be cool. I want to play the role of someone that's unpredictable by others. Just like the role Moon Sori senior played in the movie 'Oasis'. But of course, that'd be later when I become more experienced in that field. (laughs)

I majored in acting after I finished school, I studied acting and plays a lot. Just like in plays, I got accustomed and felt easy with communicating with the audience and showing my energy in front of them in musicals. Due to that, I actually received lots of remarks that I overdo it when I act in front of the camera. And so, as I was trying to control my exaggerated facial expressions I think I became rather passive. I just want to generally study hard and then act.

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Q. Where did you get fashion ideas and inspiration from?
I liked dressing up dolls since I was young. I even personally made the dolls' clothing and tried it out on them and did their hair styling too, I wanted to try out going into a fashion major but I ended up studying acting. (laughs). Color-matching outfits is also very interesting and fun.

Q. What's your usual 'real-way' look?
Since I mostly only wear tight outfits on stage, I tend to wear comfortable clothes a lot on usual days. I'm the type to try to have my own unique style. I guess there isn't yet any style that emerges from the 'Hyomin' image, which is sad. I want to create my own styling in this album as well so I'm paying a little more attention to the styling.

Q. Are you the type to wear what the stylist suggests for your airport fashion?
I do the styling. There are times when the stylist unnie suggests for me stuff to wear but since I go to the airport a lot, it'd be inconvenient to discuss it with stylist every time so I just do the styling by myself.

Q. A place you usually shop at?
I shop at Dongdaemun a lot. Even after I debuted I still go there a lot. I also shop at Rodeo and Garosu-gil.

Q. Your favorite brand?
I don't have one. Since I'm the type whose clothing is largely influenced by the weather, hairstyle, and whatnot, I think it all depends on my coordinations rather than a certain brand.

I love collecting clothes so much so I have lots of clothes at home. I still have the skirts, shoes, and bags that my mom used to wear 20 years ago. I'd reform then wear them, for example; if I wear a top my mom used to wear then I'd choose the latest design shoes and pants to coordinate with it.

Q. What's Hyomin's know-how to looking 'extremely simple but fashionable'?
I often wear simple t-shirts with short pants a lot. I like 'color-matching', Today I matched my outfits with blue. (laughs). For the outfit colors, I like shades of primary colors. If it's blue then the outfit point will only be centered on blue. As a one-point style. Also, canvas bags and big-size sunglasses are must-have items. For the perfume, I like sweet smell and vanilla smell.

Q. If you were to do a quick-styling with the outfits and props found here?
I think it'll be nice to make it all-red. And It'd be a plus if you match it with a white or gray tee and a stiletto heel! I think I'll also be cute if you cross this shoulder bag here.

Q. If you were to pick a best fashionista as your hero, who would it be?
For fashion, I think G-dragon senior is number one. Generally, I think that he's good at mix-and-match, it's beyond imagination. He matches his hair with fashion, even his accessories. I've learnt that a challenging spirit is really important. I think it's my first time looking at someone and thinking that "I want to wear like him/her".

Q. A talent you inherited from your parents?
Both of my parents do art, so since I was young there were always art tools around. Seeing how I used to play around with the brush a lot, I think I developed lots of sense (for art).

My parents are very conservative so they're popular even at our company. Even now, they'd call once it's around 9~10pm every time.

Q. Please share your way of body-management that you're working hard on lately, and if there's Hyomin's own 'extremely simple recipe'?
I'm lately working hard on learning 'cross fit'. For cooking, I often make riceballs a lot. If you put rice, weeds, anchovy, and sesame leaves in a large bowel and then make some riceballs and dip it with ssamjang or mayonnaise, it'll be so yummy.

I usually like food that's high in calories like pizza, that's why I shouldn't not take care of my body everyday. There's a 4kg difference between my weight when I don't have any activities and my weight when I have activities. I'd eat everything I want to eat when I don't have any work to do, I'd even drink alcohol.

Q. What's your alcohol tolerance level?
I think I can drink up to two bottles. (laughs) I'd mix soju with red vinegar, fill it with ice, shake it, then drink it. And then go home and collapse. (laughs)

Q. Do you have a drinking partner?
I drink at SNSD's dorm where I get really cozy without any make up and in my pajamas, Sunny really drinks well. I wanted to beat her but I couldn't.

Q. It's what I felt as I was interviewing you, but your usual self is totally beyond what I expected.
I'm the type to tell lots of fun stories but is not good at saying much during difficult times. When it's hard, I'd just cry by myself without being able to say much.