As everyone knows, today is a very special day for T-ara and us Queen's!

July 29th marks T-ara's 5th Anniversary, and the members are here to thank all the fans who remembered and celebrated it.

Let's start with Boram who expressed, "Today I’m going to borrow the name “5th anniversary” and gladly say this. I’m always thankful, as a matter of course!!^^ I do feel more apologetic in some corner of my heart but..but..just like how our fans have been our strength for so so long..we, too, will definitely give you strength..we will repay you. thanks so so much..♡".

Boram also added, "Thanks for celebrating our 5th anniversary. So a 'Thankful heart' is this much of a valuable and great feeling. I think our fans made me feel more like that the more time goes by. beautiful people..^-^ I will give you strength too. I will become that kind of person. Thanks for always making me cheer up".

Followed by Eunjung who shared, "A cake our Chinese fans sent us for T-ara’s 5th anniversary.. I’m thankful to all of the fans who celebrated our 5th anniversary♡ and with such thankful heart, here’s a proof shot..! ^ㅡ^ ! we’ll work hard* thank you-! love us in the future too ♡".

Then Soyeon who wrote, "5 years already 👋😊during those 5 years I’ve always only chased after the light saying ‘T-ARA’ out of those so many lights.. Please forever light up that light saying ‘T-ARA’.. I will trust that light only and follow after it ..! I love youㅡ 💕".

Other members also shared their thoughts earlier and you can check them out here: Qri, Hyomin.

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