We're up for another fun interview with T-ara's Hyomin!

It's not your ordinary interview as they did it only through e-mail so enjoy Hyomin's interview from SportsToday below.

Welcome: A brief greeting to the readers!
Nice to meet you. I'm T-ARA Hyomin. I'm greeting you with my first solo 'Nice Body'. Ahead of my solo activities, I underwent a diet and did cross-fit exercises at the same time in order to get a nicer (body) like my song's title. I don't have any weight to lose? What are you saying! I have to make an effort if I want to sport a crop top. (laughs)

Enjoy style: Off camera, what's the style you usually enjoy?
Since promoting in T-ara, our stage outfits have always been showy. The colors have been so, and they were (tight enough to show) even our body silhouettes. However, I prefer comfortable clothes for usual days. I have lots of casual loose fit clothes. When we're promoting and I have to practice our song and dance in my free time, I mostly dress in training suits since our stage outfits are kept with our stylist.

Love item: you have your own style, but what's your must-have item?
I always leave with sunglasses. My favorite brands? Thom Browne and Balmain. Especially Thom Browne's TB501, we're inseparable. Its unique frame matches with any style outfits, thanks to that I always take care of it.

Obtain: Where do you mostly get your fashion updates from?
I'm the type to always read local fashion magazines. Rather than reading to study I really just read it for 'fun'. If I'm to tell you one tip to be updated with fashion, it's to use SNS. I connect my favorite brands with SNS so I always get to know the latest updates on time. You can get to read the trends faster than fashion magazine news!

Viewpoint: do you have any item that catches your attention lately? And why do you like it?
The pants from designer Lee Myungsin's brand, 'Low Classic'. I also like wide pants that are at knee-length. I like short pants that have diagonally taped ends as well. I think even unique layered culottes are attractive. I think I fell in love with it (culottes) because of the unique silhouette that you can't see anywhere else.

Effort: Your own way to make your dressing style turn out looking good?
I always exercise. I did crossfit lately. It's a whole-body exercise in which you can witness the effects in a short time through using your body weight rather than exercise tools. I think 'breathing' is important as you have to stimulate your body muscles through maintaing a straight posture. Even when you're not exercising, you can put tension into your abdominal muscles through occasionally practicing the breathing method.

Select: Do you have your own criteria when choosing outfits, accessories, etc?
Color is the biggest criteria. I mostly pick 'Basic colors'. A color that I can easily match with any outfits is no.1. What do I do when the primary color isn't of my liking? I'd pick a 'hot color' that can become the point of my outfit.

Take out: Do you have a beauty item that you'd definitely take with you when you're outside?
I'm the type who would always take with me suncream and gel-type moisturizing cream. I've heard this somewhere. That you have to apply suncream once every 3~4 hours for the protection to be effective. Gel-type moisturizing cream is a necessity for me, who would constantly put on and wash off heavy makeup, to put on whenever I'm going out. My skin would dry out from the mist alone.

Yesterday: Do you have any outfit that you enjoyed wearing in the past or a fashion item that you used to wear often?
I used to prefer comfy clothes even when I was younger. And so, I used to always dress in training suits even during my trainee days (laughs). My looks on stage would always be according to the album's concept so I try out different things. On the other hand, off stage, I'd still (dress) the same without any particular changes.

Love style: Is there any style that remained in your memory the most as you were promoting?
It's the retro style jumpsuit. It was the stage outfit that I wore when we were promoting 'Roly Poly'. It remains in my memory as it's the outfit I personally designed. Is being a designer my dream? well.. (I thought) maybe I can try it out.

Eraser: On the contrary, a style that you think it really didn't suit you and you 'want to erase it'?
That's during T-ARA's TTL promotions in 2009. My makeup was heavy and my hairstyle was a ponytail that's long like a horse tail. Sometimes, I get shocked when I see my photos and videos from that time (laughs). Instead, a short hair like now looks better, right?

Next day: Is there a style that you'd definitely want to try once next time?
I want to show something that's exactly 'me'. I've showed a sporty and sexy image through 'Nice Body', but I actually prefer an extremely 'natural' style. A natural charm that appears where I'm not obliged to dress up showily. A Pureness in which the outfits, makeup, and hair are all plain-looking. I definitely want to try that out.

Ever after: In the future, you want to be remembered as a star that has which kind of style?
I want to be remembered as a person whom people would look forward to what I have next. Rather than an appearance that you can just simply look at with your eyes, a maturity that builds up step by step from the inside of me. And so, (I want to be) a capable person who has the ability to digest a (fashion) item better, even if it's the exact same one (everyone's wearing).

Wannabe: A star that you wannabe in term of style?
I'm the English supermodel, Kate Moss, wannabe. She became known as a Calvin Klein and Chanel model. She's also the same height as me. 167cm. The bunny girl style that she showed during her playboy photo shoot last year. Wasn't it so cool? An unchanged charm despite nearing the age of forties. You can't not fall for her.

Show me: What outfits are you wearing right now?
I just woke up now. Good morning! I received the questions last night, thought that I should answer them once I wake up, then left the notebook on my bedside. How am I dressed up right now? A pink onesie and horn spectacles. Already done with the questions, too bad!