We already know that the members of T-ara are all working hard for their comeback this September but now we'll get to know just how Eunjung is preparing for it.

Together with her trainer, Park Hoon Young, here's Eunjung's interview from 'InStyle Man'.

T-ara Eunjung whom we're meeting after a long time, something has looked different! Her body got lighter after a 9kg weight loss and the muscles in her collarbones gap have become visible. "It would've been impossible if not for the help of Trainer Park Hoon Young." The two people who spent a hard time together have gotten closer.

It seems that the two of you are close?
Park Hoon Young: (She) came to exercise without missing a single day. At first, I thought she might be somewhat rough since she's a celebrity, but she rather came approaching me first with a free and easygoing attitude. We got close so naturally that we didn't even notice when did we get so close.

You used to have a skinny body before too, but is there a reason why you started losing weight earnestly?
Eunjung: As I've been doing activities for a long time, I've felt that my stamina has been drastically decreasing. Hence, I've started exercising, and after that I started to develop the greed to get a slim body like Hyomin's and Jiyeon's.

If you were to introduce to us (your) way of losing weight, specifically?
Eunjung: I have the body-built where I have lots of muscles in my lower body. And so I worked on my upper body's muscles, and for my lower body, I focused on losing body fat through circuit training and aerobic exercises. Each person has a different muscle-to-fat ratio in his/her lower and upper body, it's important to know what kind of exercise to do based on that. You have to balance between the two in order to build up a beautiful body.

Was the circuit training, especially, tiring?
Eunjung: It was very tiring doing various solid movements without any rest. However, given that they're movements that are effective for every part of my body, I was able to create the best effects in a short period of time.

If you were to tell us one secret to keeping in shape other than exercising and dieting?
Eunjung: I really like slimming products. I apply Biotherm Celluli Laser Bikini Code, and already use few of Clarins Body Lift (products).

I heard that (T-ara) is having a comeback ahead on September.
Eunjung: Yes. That's why I exercise 5 days a week along with the trainer. I'm taking care of my diet closely. I will try to keep in shape while doing all the exercises that I learnt for when I can't go to the training center after we make our comeback.

Park Hoon Young: You have to maintain your muscles through exercises that you can do alone like plank, leg raise, hip bridge, etc. I believe that you will do a good job in the future too.

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