September 28th is the day for SBS' 2014 Hallyu Dream Festival!

The girls of T-ara are among the artists who were there to perform, but more importantly, Jiyeon who missed their schedule yesterday because of Dyspepsia (severe indigestion), is now back to join the group.  Jiyeon could have taken some more rest but she's back to show her will to perform and meet their fans.

Through their official, Jiyeon also greeted fans with, "Hello? I’m Jiyeon.  I'm thankful to the fans who always show me great love and loud cheers.  I had to greet you healthy on stage but I think I made so many people worry so I apologise.  I will receive treatment diligently, get better quickly, and then great you with a healthy and cheerful appearance.  I ask of your continuous support.  Thank you."

While waiting for the official broadcast on the 12th of October, here are T-ara's pictures from SBS' 2014 Hallyu Dream Festival for you to check out.

Soyeon with other artists.

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