t-ara eunjung spica jiwon
It surely is a beautiful day specially with T-ara's Eunjung and Spica's Jiwon!

Take a look at their lovely photo below where Eunjung shared, "She was my roommate when we used to live in dorms as we went to the same university, my friend of 7 years, whom I share secrets with, and family Jiwonie!* We’re having the same dance team and having our comebacks on the same day this time♡ Spica go hit the jackpot, Spica T-ara Hwaiting!!! #tara#spica#T-ara#Spica #friend#DongkukUni.#comeback#kpop".

eunjung jiwon selca

Following that, Jiwon also shared, "We see each other more often as we're sharing the same dance practice room and having a comeback at the same time, like it #queenspark it was an expensive place"

Jiwon,Eunjung's Instagram