The songs from T-ara's 10th mini-album are all great that they don't even need introductions but it would be great to have them too, specially from T-ara themselves, right?

T-ara actually did it through Naver Music so we are here check out their letters where each member introduced one song through their handwritten letters, starting with leader Qri who introduced their mini-album named 'And & End'.

Hello~ I’m T-ara Qri♡
Everyone„ after a long time, I’ve come to meet you like this through a written message first!!
After the members have each greeted you through their personal activities, it’s a great pleasure for us, T-ara, to greet you like this as a group~
Our album ‘AND&END’ has the meaning that we, T-ara, have always continued (AND) with our own addictive hook songs charm, but now we’re putting a full stop (END) to T-ara’s colour up till now, and coming up with a new trend~
ok ok, for the introduction of our title track, which you’ve been curious about, that is Sugar Free, I will PASS that to Eunjung!
Shinsadong Tiger oppa who composed the title track, double sidekick, youngmin oppa, Rocoberry, and 4thHitter with S.Kim who’v come to work (on producing) for the first time~
Our members will introduce to you, with their handwriting, the cool songs that were composed by these best producers~ You must read (their introductions)^^
On Sept. the 11th, our album will be released! Please look so much forward to it~

'Sugar Free' (Eunjung)
Hello♡ I’m T-ara Eunjung!!
I will introduce to you T-ara’s comeback album’s title track! ‘Sugar Free’~
Big Room that’s popular in clubs nowadays! We’re trying out the EDM Big Room genre.
It’s a song that balances between the exciting House rhythm and the Shuffle rhythm, and combines rap melody with a chorus that has T-ara’s characteristic feeling to it♥
At the same time, Shinsadong Tiger oppa, whom we’re working with, worked together with Beomi-Nangie, who produced Huh Gak & Jung Eunji’s ‘이제 그만 싸우자’ (Make Up To Break Up), and made this song. It alludes the emptiness that lacks something as a sugar free drink that lacks its sugar. Through T-ARA’s colour, it reflects the vanishing away of the sweet memories and moments shared between a man and a woman!!♫♪
I hope we receive lots of love from you
please show us so much love :D♥ Thank you!

I Don’t Want You (Hyomin)
The song I’m going to introduce is Double Sidekick oppa’s track ‘I Don’t Want You’!
As an Urban Folk genre song that exudes a lyrical autumn atmosphere through the vintage scratch sample and bandoneon theme, ‘I Don’t Want You' is a song that expresses in details the stuffy feelings of a woman who's curious about her man's feelings which she can't figure out! Although I love all the other tracks so much! But I'm personally attracted to this song, and I like the melody, that puts you in ease whenever you listen to it, the most! hihi^^ I definitely recommend that you give it a listen^^ Also, I'm so thankful for all the love and interest you've showed me during my last solo activities! In order to repay your love, I'm going to show you my best on T-ara's group stages!
Please look so much forward to it♡

ORGR (Boram)
ORGR?? I think everyone got so curious when they saw this title. x_x
It’s a short for “Oreli Goreli”, pronounced in English as “OH READY GO READY”!! The ones who came up with this idea are Shinsadong Tiger oppa, 4thHitter, and S.Kim!! Kyaa >o<✮✮ cool~✮
It has a strong outspoken message (from a woman) to a man who left her and regretted it later, and embodies a unique melody line.
When we were recording the song, even we, the members, got addicted to the repeated “Oh ready go ready” lyrics ✮ :D huhuhu♥
This addictive hook line is the ‘fun’ pointt.tt.tt
Everyone, let’s fall into the ‘Oh ready go ready’ charm altogether~✮✮

Last Calendar (Soyeon)
The ballad ‘Last Calendar’, of an 80s feeling to it, that shows a different charm to T-ARA!
It’s a song that has a completely different colour than our title track, Sugar Free♡
A drum beats and bass R&B! and piano melody acoustic!! It combines both and is about reminiscing over the memories of old days~
I think you can call it a song that’s about a missed lover!
It’s also the song that we, the T-ara members, have put the most emotions in!
'Last Calendar' that I, Soyeon, has introduced~ Please listen to it a lot ^o^✮♥✮

If I See Her♥ (Jiyeon)
Hello~ I’m T-ara Jiyeon~!
The song that I’m going to introduce is the 5th and last track! ‘If I See Her’!!
T-ara’s representative color, T-ara’s own, and the cool retro dance that comes to mind when you say T-ara!!
For our comeback, we have put in great efforts in order to deliver a song of a retro dance feeling to it~
It’s a song that talks about a girl’s boyfriend and friend whom betrayed her~!
The song production went on to vivify the 4point piano and rhythm feelings to the song and to refrain from using instruments as much as possible.
Also!!! The indie band, Rocoberry, who has made consecutive hit songs like Yoon Mirae’s song from “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and Crush’s song, has produced this song~
T-ARA and Rocoberry! Our chemistry~ Please look forward to it~ Hwaiting♥

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