Thursday is here, and that's our signal that another fun weekend is upon us!

To add to that, T-ara has ranked 3rd in this week's MCD.  Would have been great if T-ara won this week because they truly deserve it and they had the chance as they were among the four contenders running for the first place but still, taking the 3rd place is a great achievement and it's a sign that the girls are on back to where they belong.

Time to celebrate!  Enjoy T-ara's 'Sugar Free' performance below.

Cam Version

T-ara was among the four groups/artist who were running for the top spot this week but in the end it was WINNER who took the 1st place. Park Boram was 2nd, T-ara was 3rd, and then Super Junior at the 4th spot.

Meanwhile, the voting for M!Countdown will start again tomorrow. Be sure to check this link tomorrow and vote for T-ara.