The wait is over for those who have been wanting to purchase T-ara's remix album!

It will be released on October 15, so check out the preorder links below.

T-ara's EDMClub 'Sugar Free' Edition Album
Preorder Here → $24.99 Global

Preorder Here → $24.99 USA

This album is Limited to 7,000 copies. Comes in 2 CDs and  52-page booklet.

CD 1
1. huckIE_sugarfree (DJ Chuckie) ENG.
2. FBTA_sugarfree (DJ Beatrappa,Ferry,TERA) ENG.
3. FERRY_sugarfree (DJ Ferry) ENG.
4. BIG BOUNCE_sugarfree (DJ Big Bounce) ENG.
5. DION_sugarfree (DJ DION) ENG.
6. JEFFREY CHOI_sugarfree (DJ Jeffrey choi) ENG.
7. PHATSOUND_sugarfree (DJ pHatsound) ENG.
8. MONSTER FACTORY_sugarfree (Monster Factory) ENG.
9. S.TIGER_sugarfree (Original Edit) ENG.

CD 2
1. CHUCKIE_sugarfree (DJ Chuckie) KOR.
2. FBTA_sugarfree (DJ Beatrappa,Ferry,TERA) KOR.
3. FERRY_sugarfree (DJ Ferry) KOR.
4. BIG BOUNCE_sugarfree (DJ Big Bounce) KOR.
5. DION_sugarfree (DJ DION) KOR.
6. JEFFREY CHOI_sugarfree (DJ Jeffrey choi) KOR.
7. PHATSOUND_sugarfree (DJ pHatsound) KOR.
8. MONSTER FACTORY_sugarfree (Monster Factory) KOR.
9. S.TIGER_sugarfree (Original Edit) KOR.

For those who prefer digital copies, you can also buy this from iTunes.

iTunes Link: T-ara - EDM CLUB 'Sugar Free' Edition