T-ara's HyoMin is here to show us how she takes care of herself.

Check out her pictures below and maybe you can pick up some beauty tips.

"Finished schedules early for the first time in a while...
so I leisurely enjoyed a half-body bath...happy...
I should have a pack and then sleep, good night~~ 
#HalfBodyBath #Warm #MoisturizingPack #Wet #DrClick"

"Now I should stop and sleep..(there will be) rumors that I #EventuallyAteThePackInsteadofPuttingItOn"

"making a fuss in the middle of the night… ehing>0< "

"I was like 'I should stop taking pictures now and quickly put the pack on'...~ 
Then I put the pack on and started taking pictures again, such twist....ddesuwi(/sobs)~"

As always, HyoMin also shared some more pictures.

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