Taken at the backstage of their Fan Meeting, here are the lovely girls of T-ara together with the emcee of the event.

Check out their beautiful group picture below.

Qri: Our members with gagman Moonjae Oppa who was in charge of emceeing the 2nd Queen's T-ara Fan Meeting ^^ a very very happy and touching time"

JiYeon's brother named HyoJoon was also there, and you can view his group photo with T-ara below where he shared, "They said one, two, three without me realizing, I almost life a fist while shouting 'hwaiting'.. I will take a picture with Hyomin noona again later..with noona's expensive selca stick! I wanted to send a happy birthday message to Qri noona but I didn't know noona's new phone number so...it's a late but happy birthday! Eunjung noona who keeps getting prettier, she lives nearby but it's not easy to run into each other in the neighborhood! ahhh..maybe because I'm a soldier..hahaha Hojoon-ah~Hojoon-ah~ Please call me Hyojoon, Soyeon noona^-^ Let's have a meal together later, Boram noona! alc...alcohohol would be good too heuheu.. At last, Jirong-ah Oppa has 9 months left! After 9 monts, I will become an honorable oppa whom you can be proud of wherever you go! I am supporting you whenever and wherever. Fighting!".

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