Feeling happy and fulfilled after finishing their first concert in Korea, here is T-ara's HyoMin who shared, "The best Christmas in my life #Queen's#ILoveYou#TheMembersToo#ILoveYou".

After that, HyoMin also shared a group picture with T-ara and wrote, "#20141225 #OurPreciousFirstKoreanConcert", while BoRam also added, "Today.. has been our happy, unforgettable christmas ♥".

In addition, Eunjung also shared, "T-ara's evening Seoul concert, a teary moment that was mixed with thankfulness and sorryness. Thank you. We will do our best".

Looking back, HyoMin also shared the ticket for their cancelled concert back in 2012, and wrote, "Thanks for waiting".

While JiYeon also shared, "Thank you, thank you so much" as she shared the next set pictures which read, "We're really thankful today. Thinking of the past, we thought we might not be able to carry on. The reason we're able to stand on this stage today is solely because of you guys. We promise you to become such T-ara who works harder to make you feel lucky for being a fan."

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