Here are the latest updates from T-ara's EunJung who went on a date with her mother.

Check out their beautiful pictures below.

"Mom... You can turn a little to the side but... asking to have your picture taken and then [having] your lips this direction...your eyes that direction.. #MultiLacking.. #PicturesAreWhatRemainButIDon'tHaveAnyPictures..

"baekguu #puppy"

"A happy time because I got to feel even the inner (things) that cannot be seen. Must do it leisurely next time-! #LindaMcCartney#Seochon#Daelim#ContemporaryArtMuseum"

"Only two scones are left. #Z.enana Jam"

"raspberry on chocolate #SeochonFood #SocheonVisit"

"I looked up as I was eating chocolate and then (saw what's) inside the ceiling light...! Pretty!"

"A cafe I saw as I was passing by and then irresistibly entered it.
It looked like it was in Europeㅠㅠ  #impulsively#cafe#seochon"

"In which the works of my favorite author, Teacher Lee Sang, are compiled. I saaw it by coincidence as I was walking but it feels like I discovered a treasure! #Seochon #LeeSang's Home"

"Quite resembles a cotton."

"delicious homemade jams whose flavours are different and purposes are various. #Z.enana Jam"

"He was lying on the carpet and sleeping when his eyes opened at the camera sound...but when you stare at me like this I..."

"His hair's gotten messy after rolling around♥ when you throw yourself at my mom's arms and stare at me like this then what do I...do... Let's take another picture next time when you're looking pretty-!"

"Monggeuli's foot...it's wriggling, I want to play with it"

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