We're up for a Sunday treat courtesy of T-ara's HyoMin!

Taken in Japan, you can check HyoMin and JiYeon's batch of lovely and adorable pictures below.

"A Tokyo trip with just the two of us. The end of the short but long journey~"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 the first trip amongst ourselves since debut..
Starting from the subway!!!at the subway!"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 Shinbashi Station->Tameike Sanno Station, 
master from the G Ginza lineㅋㅋ "

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 as if I wasn't excited"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 it rained once we arrived hiing"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 in front of the chicken stationㅋㅋ"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 hotel arrival"

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"Tokyo 2015.1 taxi"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 a scarf I made and an obtained item"

"Tokyo 2015.1 pepper time"

"Tokyo 2015.1 it's morning!"

"Tokyo 2015.1 Harajuku today! Raining again!"

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"Tokyo 2015.1 Odaiba #VenusFort"

"HyoMin: Tokyo 2015.1 that thing that looks tiny over there is the Odaiba statue of liberty #Odaiba#StatueOfLiberty "

"Tokyo 2015.1 with our Gongryul oppa, Jiyoung unnie, and Anri-sang who came to us right away when we told them we're visiting Japan... Chicken&Beer time"

"Tokyo 2015.1 while waiting for the chicken"

"Tokyo 2015.1 Hello Gundam"

"Tokyo 2015.1 ㅋㅋ"

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"Tokyo 2015.1 Tokyo Prince Park Tower"

"Tokyo 2015.1 Tokyo Prince Park Tower"

"Omotesando's chicken a shop famous as とりにく(Toriniku)! #omotesando"


"Tokyo 2015.1"

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"Tokyo 2015.1 haa.... Your visual that's like a lie [/unreal]"

"Tokyo 2015.1 now on the way to meet (you)"

"Tower Records"

"Tokyo 2015.1 yo..youngmini?"

"Tokyo 2015.1 #Odaiba #VenusFort"

"Tokyo 2015.1"

"I hated it at first but.. A rainy day. Has its charms"

Before the pictures above, HyoMin also teased fans with...

"wanna see wanna see?? Gotta upload them tomorrow... Good night"

"who travelled together with me this time"

"mass-releasing soon.."

"guess they're the only ones that gave me eye candy as I was carrying them.. 
Did you cptyre lots of nice photos? huhuhot..."

"Go Tokyo"

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