T-ara's BoRam is back to share her latest SelCa pictures, and to share what happened to her eyes as well. 

Check out her pictures below where she added, "I came excitedly to eat and see nice things.  Woah... As I opened the cola can, few cola drops violently spurted out and got right onto my eyeball...So such thing can happen too. It hurt so much.ㅠ___ㅠ".

*Take a lot of care next time BoRam-ah*

After her SelCas, BoRam also shared, "I was talking with my dad on the phone after I came back from China, and after a few minutes,As I was looking at my dad's messages...I was able to realize it enough through that just one word rather than any other word..The words that say. "I gained strength." I am very much thankful at the fact that, although dad's oldest daughter is small, I am still able to be a source of strength to dad..^_^".

Text reads:
"Dad: Jeon Boram thank you, Dad has gained strength

Boram: Ehing..I am more thankful that I am someone who can be a source of strength to dad, even if it's just little strength... And you're right, dad...

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