Still from Jeon Young Rok's concert, here's T-ara's Qri wearing her school uniform reminiscent of their 'Roly Poly' days.

Check out her pretty pictures below.

"What other freedom is there? keukeuㅋㅋㅋ 
#Qri #LeeQri #FreeTime this is such a memoryㅋㅋ "

Following that, Qri also shared another SelCa and wrote, "Jeon Young Rok Sunbaenim's 40th anniversary concert (Father is indeed the best!) We came wearing the old school uniform and acting cute^^".

"#Coex Bumesok Oppa bought us all of this. Asking us to become pigs>.< 
#HaveNoTime #SpeedEating #grunting #Everything'sDelicious #BigProblem #Tummy'sFull"

Qri with Choi Bumsuk

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