T-ara's EunJung has sat with 'The Fact' to talk about her solo debut, T-ara, her name 'Elsie' and more!

Check out her amusing interview below.

"I want to pomote under T-ARA's name for a long long time."

The third solo runner-up from T-ARA has appeared. Following Jiyeon and Hyomin last year, Eunjung has come back for her fans with her solo song 'I'm Good'. When asked "How does it feel going solo", she replied while laughing "I've been casting a spell on myself saying 'being alone has become comfortable' just as my lyrics says." We have met for an interview with solo singer Eunjung, going by the stage name Elsie, at a cafe in Samcheong-dong."

Who came up with the stage name Elsie?

"CEO Kim Kwangsoo came up with it. Actually, everyone found it funny (laughs). It's a word that has all beautiful meanings to it. It means faithful, lively, cheerful, a promise to god, etc. Coming out with my own name would've been a better promotion; however, I wanted to introduce my song first (before my name). It was a mystery concept. Although many people noticed (that it was me)."

Your aura has quite changed from when you are in T-ARA.

"I wanted to have separate colours as a team (member) and as a solo. I grew my hair long and started wearing feminine outfits. I had a boyish image in T-ARA. My song has as seductive feeling to it rather than retro, so I was worried how to show that on stage. Nevertheless, more people than I thought said that (my performance) was sexy so I'm grateful. The choreography was made to resemble dancing or performance art, did it match well with the atmosphere of the song?"

• You had a couple dance with the guy featuring in your song, Ki-O, didn't you?

"Haha. Having to dance with a guy after having been used to always dance retro with the members made me feel very shy. I wondered if it is right to be doing this. The CEO said 'let's try making the couple dance more intense' but it's embarrassing. Nevertheless, my members are helping me a lot. I keep telling myself that "It's ok even when I'm alone, I'm cool" but it's actually not comfortable performing on stage alone. Jiyeon and Hyomin are teaching me lots of their solo know• hows."

• What did the members say watching your performance?

"Jiyeon was in China for schedule, she cried telling me that she couldn't watch my first stage due to the video not playing there. The rest of the members told me they enjoyed my stage and praised me, saying that I looked feminine and that they're surprised (laughs). Hyomin and Boram came to the broadcast station and became performance coaches for me. Before that, Jiyeon visited me at MV filming site and treated me to a drink then left. I am gaining strength thanks to the members' support."

• You're already on your 7th year as a singer, did you feel nervous performing solo?

"Of course. I returned to the heart of a rookie. It felt like I am starting anew which made me feel fresh, excited, nervous, and happy. However, it might be because I've been in the industry for long, but I got used to it after attending the broadcast station and performing for few times. I want to hear people saying "has Eunjung always been this good?," is it fine? I really prepared a lot in such a short time. I have to put in more effort to be able to have a 2nd Elsie album."

• It's already 7 years since your debut, how does it feel to look back?

"Only now we are in the position to be making a long• run. I've come to feel the importance of each trivial thing, one by one. I've also come to learn the value of the things I took for granted in the past. I didn't think much in the past. The staff members around me have become more important (in my eyes). After being severely scolded during the scandal and while reflecting upon myself, I've come to think more deeply."

• Do you still get hurt reading the comments?

"I read the comments too often. Only in days I feel like I'm going to be fine. I don't read them when I feel like I might break down. The most hurtful comment was "She's like weed". They say I'm tenacious, but I've strangely come to acknowledge it. It's true, anyway. It's not a colorful flower, but my situation right now does resemble a weed. I keep persistently appearing on TV (Laughs). I think I'm lucky that broadcast stations look for me. Even if I get called a weed, I will still go if I get invited."

• You cried a lot while talking about the past on '4 Things Show'.

"I think I said something that provoked misunderstandings again so it was upsetting. But I can't blame anyone, because it was me who cried. I regretted it after watching the broadcast. I wonder why did I cry (Laughs). I cried because the filming itself was happy and fun, not because I felt (the scandal) was unfair. I can't go back to our past (popularity), but I think people might look over us more favourably than before if we work hard and show a good side to us."

• What motivates you to stand up again when it's tough.

"The fans. They're also the reason I have to hang in there. I'm the style to admit quickly. I admit quickly and focus on what I have to do next, but it seems that many people do not know that I've admitted my mistakes. So although it feels upsetting, my personality makes me focus on what I have next. I'm actually relying on the time. The time with which everything (gets better) naturally."

• It will be T-ARA's 10th debut anniversary soon. (not literally)

"Haha, Boram and Qri unnies will be 33 years old (laughs). Wont we be doing songs that match with our age at that time? A performance different than 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' and 'Roly Poly'. I think we will still keep the name 'T-ARA' even as each member does her own personal work. I don't want to forget the colour we have. If possible, I want us to stand as T• ARA for a long long time."

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