HyoMin is back to greet fans from Macau!

T-ara members are there for the opening event of Galaxy Macau and Macau Broadway on May 27, and here are some gorgeous update from HyoMin while resting at their hotel.

"Hyomin: hey lady lying down at the opposite side, let's go eat"

"Hyomin: I said let's go eatㅋㅋㅋ .Qri"

Of course, who would be able to refuse HyoMin when she asks like that, that's why after eating, she happily shared, "came after having dinner~ lied down straight away~ happiness~".

 So who was the one on the opposite side? It was Qri who also shared, "good night♡ (The lady at the opposite side too, good nightㅋㅋ)".

"Qri: I received a flower gift that only I can see. #Thanks #tulip"

Hyomin, Qri's Instagram