Greeting fans, here is T-ara's EunJung who sweetly expressed, "To our beloved Queen's. Hello this EunJung! To be greeting you like this for the first time, I'm very embarassed and ashamed.  To be dropping by at such a late time.  Thinking that tomorrow is the last day of my first week of promotion after debuting under the name 'Elsie', I've come to miss my fans.  I'm more anticipating and excited tomorrow. :D When I go to meet you, my fans, I feel as If I'm going on a picnic..I wish my Queen's feel the same too* picnic!! ㅋㅋ I really wanted to say how I'm truly thankful for our Queen's who always stick by our side, I'm thankful I was able to let you know, evem if like this..! We'll always have good things happening to us tomorrow, and in the future as well.  I will make you proud to call yourself a T-ara fan..Eunjung fan, and Elsie fan...! Hwaiting Good night everyone, see you yomorrow, good bye."

She also continued, "I've been aware of your thoughts and your support for me♥+ Being able to have a solo debut like this under the name 'Elsie' I belieeve it all happened because there are people who love us, T-ara*."

"On the night that makes it the first week since my solo debut, I've been remembering our, T-ara's debut days.. and because I really cherish our fans and am thankful to you, I've come to personally write a greeting like this..!^^ Thank you for always supporting us, thinking of us, and even telling us of what we lack at. You know, right? ㅎㅎ I can't post a direct proof picture but this is really Eunjung..* I will do my best to make you proud for being a T-ara fan and Eunjung fan-! Good night and have a sweet dream~!^^".

EunJung then ended it with, "Now this is really really the last post before I got to sleep ♥+ Thank you for always loving and cherishing me, Thank you for caring about me to make me improve to the best.  I'm very grateful and it's very meaningful for me that I've come to have a solo debut like this. I believe I was able to do it because there are people who care about me like this. Although it's very late at night, I dropped by to let you know of how I feel. In the future too, I wish we could last for..long long! ^^ Good night everyone and have sweet dreams..Good night*".