T-ara's EunJung is back to share her beautiful thoughts through her interview!

Check out her dialogue with 10Asia and News1 below.


Eunjung was brighter and more honest than we thought. She also had her own fixed standards. We were able to feel her courage after overcoming the controversy (few years back). Actually, we were cautious before giving this interview. T-ARA has a ‘bullying controversy’ tag attached to them, and it never detaches. It’s already been 3 years since that controversy. Although T-ARA has been more active than ever throughout those years, they still have a prejudice set against them. It’s a situation in which talks about the controversy would receive more attention than the song (they’re promoting). Luckily, on the day this interview was taking place, another interview was released in which Eunjung said “I’ll keep apologising until the public’s not angry anymore”, which received people’s attention.

They must be pressured to face such labels about themselves; however, Eunjung was bright. Lengthy excuses or long statements were not needed. As she was honestly answering all the questions passed to her, she let out a bright smile saying she wanted to hear “She lives diligently” said about her. Eunjung was just positive about how her trivial wish was fulfilled, that is having people recognising that Elsie is her. Eunjung wrapped up her first solo album promotions and is now having a China concert tour and a Korea-China web-drama filming ahead of her. She is living diligently.

Q. First, how do you feel about wrapping up your solo promotions?

EunJung: Jiyeon and Hyomin did a good job last year so at first I was very worried that I might become a burden on (/ruin) their achievements. I was also very pressured. I was told ‘Are you fine? Will you be able to do it?’. Although I was doubtful (at first), I became more confident as I was preparing for my solo stage. Having had solo stages before during overseas concerts was of help to me. Lots of people’s reactions were better than I expected when I came out, which boosted my confidence. The first week of promotions is supposed to be the week in which I’m the most confident since it’s the phase I have to show what I prepared in; however, rather than the first week, I only started gaining more courage after my 2nd~3rd weeks.”

Q. I personally thought that you, Eunjung, would be the first in T-ARA to come out as a solo.

EunJung: Actually, turns don’t really matter. I wasn’t sure if it’ll be fine for me to come out as a solo, but I’ve been told so as I was promoting. I’m grateful. I was filming a drama during the time Jiyeon and Hyomin were having their solo promotions last year, so I thought that it’s a drama for me instead of a solo album. I think each of us has her share. Luckily, our boss gave me the opportunity saying ‘You should give it a go too’.

Q.What image did you have in mind for your solo album at first?

EunJung: Either a boyish, healthy, lively image or a sexy and powerful image. I was actually having in mind the complete opposite of the concept I’m doing right now. The one making the song and the singer are not the same person.

Q. Wasn’t it difficult since it was different than what you had in mind?

EunJung: I’m the type who would grow affectionate towards the work I have ahead of me. I think that I, too, have that side to me, the one I’m showing in my album. I thought it’ll be good to show a side to me that many people don’t know about. I didn’t think much about whether my album becomes a hit or charts high. My goal was to hear ‘She has such a side to her’ and ‘She has such a charm’, and I did achieve this small goal.

Q. When you first listened to your title track ‘I’m Good’, what did you like the most about it? [T/N: Her title track in Korean translates to ‘Being Alone Has Become Comfortable’]

EunJung: I liked the line ‘Being Alone Has Become Comfortable’. It’s ironic. Rather than very young people, the ones who know the joys and sorrows of life like (the song) better. People’s Implicit reactions differed from ‘Why has she come to think that being alone has become comfortable?’ to ‘That’s true, it is comfortable’. I think it’s the latter for me, which is sad. Haha.

Q. Your song is “Being Alone Has Become Comfortable’, what was the most comfortable about promoting alone this time?

EunJung: um.. it’s neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. It was boring. When I’m with the members, we have that certain atmosphere between us so it’s fun. The atmosphere of my song isn’t one in which I have to sound boisterous, so I just sang it naturally. The members have visited me at my M/V filming site and/or sent me messages. However, they make fun about the name ‘Elsie’. ‘It’s Elsie it’s Elsie!’ Haha.

Q. Why did you go with the stage name ‘Elsie’?

EunJung: The name Elsie is embarrassing. I wished everyone can recognise me as Eunjung.. but I worried a lot that many people might not know that Elsie is Eunjung. The promotions and view count would’ve been higher if I went with just ‘Eunjung’, but the reason I used a stage name is that I wanted to let people listen to the music first. It might be because of my image that it’s blind (marketing). However, since people have never listened to my voice only for 3 minutes before. I wanted to make people listen to the music first. (that strategy) resulted in some people listening to the song thinking I’m a rookie singer. It’s inconvenient. Now there are many people who recognise the name Elsie, and I became attached to it as well. I’ve grown fond of it.

Q. You said you picked the album tracks yourself, did you have any personal criteria?

EunJung: At first I wanted to look for songs that have a different feeling to them than the ones we had in T-ARA. I thought of it as a reward to the fans and made a request to E.One, who composed Kara’s ‘Cupid’. They did a great job. The directing too was done very precisely, which was of a great help. We worked with Monster Factory before on the English version of ‘Sugar Free’, they worked with love. It was unfortunate that we didn’t have enough time. We prepared in 3 weeks. Luckily, the people around me helped a lot. I want to do a better job when I have time.

Q. Do you have any idea in mind for your next solo?

EunJung: I want to upgrade the image of me that was loved by people before. I became known for my healthy and bright image through variety shows. I can’t do a cute concept now. I’m thinking firmly about it. Haha. I also have that side to me that I showed during ‘I Go Crazy Because Of You’ and ‘Cry Cry’ which I received love for, and another powerful, sexy, and healthy side to me during ‘Like The First Time’.

Q. We actually can’t distinguish your vocal colour from T-ara’s songs. What do you think of your own voice?

EunJung: I wasn’t good at (songs) that require lots of breathing before but I learned a lot through my solo. As I was studying about what fits best for ‘I’m Good’, I learned how to control my breathing. I actually thought of showcasing a very powerful and thick voice, but I think the point of view of a third party is better than the that of the one directly involved.

Q. How would you evaluate your ‘I’m Good’ promotions?

EunJung: I wouldn’t say great, but I think I gained good energy through my promotions. It charted pretty well in China. I gained courage because of that as well. Rather than the album charting, I feel it (courage) more when going around promoting and meeting different audiences. Rather than the ranking, I am more grateful about people thinking again about me, it makes me want to work harder. Appearing on TV programs by myself feels good and exciting as well. It gained me courage..

Q. T-ara has a certain label for them. You must have had many scars after that controversy. Did you have any cure for it?

EunJung: I don’t think there’s any cure for scars. Maybe it slightly heals with time. It only gets less visible, I don’t think it really disappears. Even so, I don’t really like saying ‘I am hurt’. Hateful comments will always be there so I never really cared much about them. I think that they’re a given. It was like that when I used to be an actress too. When I first started acting as a child actress, I started putting in mind that unpleasant talks will always naturally exist.

Q. We read your statement saying ‘I’ll keep apologising until the public’s not angry anymore’. There must have been so many unfairness going on but you still ended up admitting to everything.

EunJung: The person who loves more is the one who loses. I do want to tell all the details of what happened at full length; however, the person who loves more should be the one approaching first. I think our relationship with the public used to be intimate. It was a relationship in which we used to approach them intimately and they showed us lots of love in return, and that can be said as the reason we were severely reviled by them (after the scandal). The most intimate relationships are the ones who grow the most distant. When the other side gets angry and disappointed, it’s better to approach them first instead of explaining. An explanation could be given later if wanted, but I don’t think it’s for the best. Actually, our fans feel upset about this. Our fans and company staff feel saddened about what I said. I want to tell the story precisely, but if I speak out everything then there will be nothing more to say. I’m sorry about it, but I think this is what we have to do towards the public. I’m talking about the disappointments I caused with my mistakes. We already apologised to the public before, we apologised about the minor things as well, but we can’t just say that to the public (that we already apologised). It’s our own doing, so we can’t ask them to look at us more favourably. It might be frustrating to our fans, and frustrating to the public as well.

Q. Say a word to your upset fans.

EunJung: We’re always grateful to our fans for protecting us. We, too, find solace in their words. Some of their words are healing to us, and some we nod to in agreement. Thank you for working hard on protecting us. However, We can’t wish for our happiness only (/be selfish). I hope that you understand. If you do that…then I’ll be very grateful.

Q. T-ARA’s popularity in China is really great. Is there any secret to it?

EunJung: The influence of Hallyu was big. Chinese fans got to know our members thanks to the dramas and variety shows we starred in, we also had many songs with the melody-line that China loves. After we went to China, starred in TV shows there, and tried to approach the people there closely, they showed us love in return. We started gaining Chinese fans through working hard in Korea. We might gain international fans too if we steadily work hard in the future. We’re holding a China concert tour, we heard that the 8 cities concerts are all almost sold out. We’re grateful.

Q. You have a Korea-China joint production web-drama ahead of you.

EunJung: All of our members specialise in acting. So it’s an opportunity for each of us to showcase the acting that matches with her character. Everyone worked hard filming (their dramas). I think the web-drama will turn out fun. Only my filming is left, I think all they need is me doing a good job. Seeing what they have filmed so far, the members said it was really fun.

Q. Is there any other activities that you wish to do beside singing and acting?

EunJung: I want to try being a radio DJ. I listen well to other people’s stories, and I enjoy sharing such stories together. I think variety shows with such theme suit me well too. I want to be a radio DJ and share life stories together with people.

Q. You recently appeared in Mnet’s ‘4 Things Show’.

EunJung: It’s a program that only stars people making a comeback, it was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to say that I was Elsie back then. Haha. (In the program), I was originally supposed to have a music clip, show myself preparing for my solo, and promote myself as well but I wasn’t able to do any of that due to the blind strategy, which was upsetting. Nevertheless, I think it had a good effect since it put me in the spotlight. I was really grateful to the production crew for being so considerate and caring about me.

Q. We read the interview in which you said that amongst the comments, ‘She’s like weed’ was what left a deep impression in you. Other than that, is there anything you wish to hear being said about you?

EunJung: I want to hear ‘she lives diligently’, ‘she really lives diligently’. I will not be greedy for more than that. I really think that I would gain courage if I hear other saying that I live diligently. And while at it, I think I will come to live more diligently.

Q. At last, say a word of encouragement to yourself about finishing your solo promotions.

EunJung: To Elsie. Coming out and promoting your solo after only a short time of preparation, you worked hard. Congratulation on developing a meticulous personality. After attending places alone, you started paying more attention to different things. Try to become a better singer, a better dancer, and a better person.


T-ara's Eunjung has recently released her first solo album and started promoting her title track 'I'm Good'. Using the stage name 'Elsie, she wanted to take off her image of when she was in a team and show yet a different image as a solo.

Eunjung said "I wanted to come out after upgrading the qualities of me that people love. I wished to try something that I have never tried before, which is why I ended up coming out with a composed and feminine concept." She continued, "Having been used to doing songs with busy choreographies, I thought that it might be difficult to perform a song with beauty of space."

"I was told that I'd be better if I portray the image of a woman who has just broken up, which is why I danced (to my song) like I was acting. It was challenging to me. When it comes to acting, I only tried acting with words and dialogues, but this time I have to express my emotions with my dance and hand movements at the same time. I really wished to express my emotions well on stage, so I did a yet different study than when I was in T-ARA."

Her song, atmosphere, and even her outer looks have changed. She came out having her long hair tied up in a pony tail, and looking very feminine. Having had kept a short hairstyle for a very long time, even she, herself, found her long hair awkward. Eunjung said "I did it because I was told to not let people recognise me; however, many people really didn't recognise me so I was worried. There's a keyword that says it's Eunjung when it comes to short hair in T-ARA, which makes me think I really haven't tried any new challenges all that time." She continued, "There's even a rumour that my hair doesn't grow. I do always want to grow it out, but I feel that it might be embarrassing."

Before Eunjung, Jiyeon and Hyomin had their solo activities first last year. Eunjung said "I think each of us did the concept that reveals her charms the best. The concept I wanted to do was one that can reveal a different charm than Jiyeon and Hyomin's." She continued, "I thought that even if we all do the same song and same dance, each of us will still reveal a different feel to her since each possess a different charm. Which is why I didn't worry much about it."

Many girl group members who go a solo would go for a powerful sexy concept; however, Eunjung's solo has a somehow different feel to it. "I thought that the image people define as sexy doesn't really suit me, and I didn't really have much self-confidence," she explained regarding her solo promotions.

"I don't think 'sexy image' is what first came to mind when it was revealed that I was going solo. So rather than wanting to go for a sexy image, I thought it'd be better if I just showcase the image I have my own. I think my concept this time is sentimental. But people who watched me still told me that I'm sexy, which helped me gain courage."

Just before her solo promotions, Eunjung appeared in '4 Things Show' and confessed honestly about the hardships T-ARA faced due to the bullying scandal. Eunjung said "I think we have to speak our minds until (the public) acknowledge it. I think that we used to have a close relationship with the public." She continued, "When there's disappointment, isn't it the right thing that the one who loves more is the one to approach the other first. I think that we are the ones who love more right now so we have to take an approach."

"Even if we get reviled (by the public), we still have to approach them. I think that T-ARA used to be in close and intimate terms with the public. I think it's the same to when a close relationship grows to be distant after experiencing unpleasant things. Although it feels stuffy, we still have to approach the people first."

Just like how Hyomin once said that their personalities changed after the scandal, Eunjung thought the same as well. Eunjung confessed "All of the members' personalities have changed. We became discreet and timid. I think our personalities have become more careful and discreet."

Although she's still timid about several things, Eunjung kept saying hat she will keep working hard. Even as a team, rather than overcoming such things all at once, they will focus on what they have ahead of them first. Eunjung said "We want to do well at what we have in front of us. We will be having a China concert tour and are planning to do variety and dramas as well. We will still not forget about our domestic fans and will come to meet them (soon). We have got to work orderly on what we have in our hands."