T-ara's EunJung was up for another interview, and this time she did not only talked about her solo debut but her future plans, what keeps her motivated, what she's going to eat after her promotions, and more!

Check out her interview with NoCutNews below.

T-ARA Eunjung has stood alone before the public. After debuting under the name Elsie and releasing her first solo album, she started actively promoting her title song 'I'm Good'.

It wasn't an easy challenge. Her solo happened unexpectedly with around one month of preparations, and the name 'Elsie', which was a form of blind marketing, felt nothing but unfamiliar. However, Eunjung still wrapped up her promotions successfully. Wearing a side-slit dress and showing a wave dance, she showed a yet different mature side to her than that of 'T-ARA's Eunjung', she surprised everyone, including her fans, with her sad and soft vocal colour.

We have recently met with Eunjung at CBS building in Mokdong. We shared a long and frank conversation about a lot of things ranging from her feelings about safely finishing her solo promotions to the malicious comments she gets up to this day.

• Since when have you been preparing for your solo album?

EunJung: My solo plans have been there since long time ago, but we only had a detailed talk about it early this year. The progress went from zero to rapid. I was completely unprepared when we started, and after about a month (of preparations), my solo came out. The preparation period was short, but thanks to the help of many people, I think I got to have a satisfactory album. Next time, I'd like to release a better album with more attention put into it and after enough time of preparation.

• Didn't you have any fun anecdotes (while preparing)?

EunJung: The album jacket shooting took place amidst a very busy schedule. I only had 1.5 hours of sleep and started shooting the next day, so I was very sleepy. That's why, if you look closely, you can't find any picture in which I have my eyes opened properly. (laughs). My first shooting was fortunately a bed scene so I was able to sleep a little.

• Why are you promoting under the name 'Elsie'?

EunJung: Our boss gave me this name as it has all kinds of beautiful meanings to it; cheerful, lively, faithful, making a promise to god, honourable, etc. I too was actually a little embarrassed. When I first heard it I thought it was similar to Frozen's 'Elsa'. Many people laughed upon hearing it as well.

Also, my identity wasn't revealed at first as a way of blind marketing. We didn't do that to entirely hide my existence, but It was rather our boss' idea to let people listen to my music first (before my name).

I wanted to quickly tell the public that “Elsie is me.” I worried that many people might not know later that it's T-ARA's Eunjung. Nevertheless, I started growing attached to the name 'Elsie' now.

• Did your concept this time match your own idea of 'solo Eunjung'.

EunJung: No. It's completely different. Many people like my healthy, cheerful, sexy, boyish image. I thought that if I ever go solo, I'd want to upgrade those strengths.

However, our company told me that they wish for a totally different image. They wanted me to show a feminine side to me, and even more, to make people not recognise me. I had to change my hairstyle and change my outfits to a style I wasn't used to wearing before.

• It was your first solo album, didn't you have any participation in it?

EunJung: I was the one who choose all the songs in my album except for the title track. I listened to all the song as drafts and then selected the songs for my album. I actually thought about participating in the title track as well. However, the company advised me after they have thought it all out from 1 to 10. I've come to promote with 'I'm Good' after agreeing to and deciding to try out a different image.

• Your sad vocal tone, different than when in T-ARA, left a deep impression.

EunJung: I originally have a thick voice and a breathy thin voice. I change my vocal tone depending on the song's atmosphere. This time, it was a song with sad and painful lyrics so I emphasised more on the feminine feel (to my voice).

• Unfortunately, your song charted worse than excepted.

EunJung: It was in top 20 at first. However, something happened in the way which turned fans' efforts into waste. It's my first time saying this but 'I'm Good' was originally 3:09 long, but our company changed it into a 3:50 long song halfway.

The company made a new mixing to improve the song, but it made all the previous streaming records vanish away. It was all done for my sake but it turned out unfortunate. It made me feel sorry to the fans who supported me.

Although it's of course a good thing if the song charts well, I already feel satisfied because I think I reached my goal of (hearing people say) 'Eunjung has such a side to her?'. There are so many people who give me strength whenever I stand on stage. I feel very grateful for that alone.

• How did it feel promoting alone.

EunJung: Having to fill up the stage by myself, there were lots of details I had to pay careful attention to. Is it the same for other people too? From the album release date to the youtube view count, I've come to pay careful attention to everything.

Even the order of the album cover pages was decided by me. Every single letter in the Thanks To and the free gifts as well, I started thinking of how really important they are. Because I have to stand on stage by myself, I've come to steel my heart.

• Anything you want to do after finishing your promotions?

EunJung: I have plans to eat Samgyeopsal(pork belly) with our company family after my promotions end. I'm going to eat a lot. (Laughs).

• You recently cried during Mnet '4 Things Show'.

EunJung: I blamed myself after watching the broadcast. I wondered why did I cry. (Laughs).

The filming was really fun and enjoyable. The production crew were very considerate in order to make me feel at ease. That's probably why I was able to talk very comfortably with them. But then I suddenly burst into crying. And I've come to talk about the past as well….

The production crew aired the scene in hope to deliver a warm atmosphere, but (my crying) made headlines. I thought “Oh I did something that caused misunderstandings again.”

People's thoughts might differ even as they watch the same thing. It was me who cried anyway so I have to put up with it.

• Saying the word 'determination' and laughing upon seeing the 'rice cake' (during the show) was remarkable. Is it that you developed an immunity?

EunJung: It'd be a lie to say that such things became fine now. It's still a sensitive topic to say whether I like or dislike them. I think I have to accept them for now. When I saw the rice cake the production crew prepared for me during '4 Things Show', I think I laughed because I had mixed emotions.

• There are many comments that say 'Why is she appearing on TV instead of apologising'. (T-ARA's image has suffered great damage after their bullying controversy in 2012.)

EunJung: I have to keep on apologising. Our company believes I already apologised. I apologised in real life as well. However, if the public think it's a no, then it is a no. I personally think I have to keep on apologising. Until the public stops commenting 'why is she not apologising.'

Also, we, T-ARA, are people who live by getting reviled and are people who did wrong. I think that adding up any kind of explanation, itself, will not make us look good. Of course, it might feel upsetting for the company, fans, and me. However, if the public says it's a no, then it is a no. If they're angry at us then it's only right that we soothe their anger

• From a child actress, to a girl group, to a solo. Come to think of it, your determination is really great.

EunJung: I worked with the mindset that 'If I persistently work hard, people will come to acknowledge (my efforts)'. I think I went to all the (tv shows) that invited me over. Thanks to that, I've come to start as a child actress and continue with T-ARA activities. I think I am blessed to have been able to be active in the entertainment industry for 20 years.

• What is your driving force?

EunJung: This might sound like a textbook answer, but fans' love is really a great source of strength to me. I have to repay them for remembering and supporting me. I've come to feel fans' love even more through this time's solo activities. I think I've got to put in more effort in order to show a better side to me in the future.

• A field you'd like to try in the future?

EunJung: I want to try theater plays and musicals, I really want to try becoming a radio DJ too. I like listening to other people's stories.

I, of course, have lots of greed for trying out new things; however, as long as I can continue doing what I'm doing right now like T-ARA activities, acting, etc, then I have nothing more to wish for.

• What image will T-ARA's Eunjung be showing after 10 or 20 years?

EunJung: I actually have no definite plans. Because my career is one in which I can't even be sure whether tomorrow's schedules might change.

When I was a teenager, I didn't know I'd be a T-ARA member in my 20s. and during my debut days, it didn't even cross my mind that I'd be a solo singer and get interviewed like this.

Although not having set any big goals makes me feel uneasy, it can be fun as long as I think positively. Because we never know what might approach us next.

• What kind of person are you, not as T-ARA's Eunjung, but as Hahm Eunjung in her late 20s?

EunJung: I think I'm a diligent person with a sense of responsibility. Well, all of the people in my age would feel the same. After you pass your mid-20s, your worries would increase and you'd develop a stronger sense of responsibility. I think It's only our careers that differ.

Usually, I'd enjoy watching movies and visiting restaurants with my friends. Wearing sunglasses would rather make me stand out more so I'd just dress up casually. (Laughs)

• It's been long since the last time you had a 1:1 interview, hasn't it?

EunJung: I think it's my first time in 2 ~ 3 years. I felt like a rookie who just debuted as I was starting my solo promotions, today's interview makes me feel the same as well. Since it's time I'm wrapping up my promotions, I've been having lots of different thoughts and have been feeling more relaxed.

• Your future plans?

EunJung: My music show promotions has ended but I still have lots of schedules left. We're having a China concert tour starting from June onwards and are filming our Korea-China web-drama right now. I think we'll be focusing on our Chinese promotions for the time-being.