KBS A Song For You T-ara
As we have reported earlier, T-ara will be making their comeback this August!

That being said, they are also scheduled to appear on KBS' 'A Song for You', a variety music talk show where they also take requests from fans.

Have something to request to T-ara? Here's how you can do that.  You'll need to make a video and choose from seven different categories.  They are as follows:

1. A song for you
Is there any song which contains your story?
The stars will sing the song with your story.
EX) When I’m tired, I want to hear T-ARA's 'Sugar Free' which gives me strength.

2. Games for stars
Your favorite interesting game, or special games from your idea !
Please tell us the games which you want the stars to do.
EX) I want to see T-ARA eat lemon in 30 seconds.

3. K-pop copycat time
Please tell us the different genre, other singers’ songs or performance that you want your favorite star to do.
But first please show us the video that you do it by yourself.
Then you can see your favorite star’s different image in the program.
EX) I want to see the way T-ARA imitate Bigbang's hip-hop style.

4. Change of the "She sells sea shells by the seashore" part
If you are curious about how rapper sing the melody part and how main vocal members do the rap part,Please sing the song that you want the members to change their part by yourself first~
Then you can hear the song with switched parts by the stars.
EX) Please let T-ARA change their parts of 'Bo Peep Bo Peep'.

5. Secret private life
I want to know all the things of stars !
Please upload the things that you want to know about their private life and re-enact it by yourself.
Then you can see it in our program because stars will make the video by self-camera.
EX) What is the first thing T-ARA will do after they get up in the morning?

6. Star’s acting skills
Stars will cover the famous scenes in Korean dramas.
Please re-enact the scene which you want to see in Korean drama by yourself.
Then the stars will do it for you.
EX) I want to watch T-ARA play Kimsoohyun and IU's role in 'Producers' and re-enact the "umbrella" scene.

7. Simple fast 3-minute cook
Stars will cook your favorite food in just 3 minutes.
If you want to see the way stars make food, please share your recipe and cooking process with us.
It will be much better if the food can show the culture of your country.
EX) “Honey butter hamburger”
1. Roast honey pancake in a frying pan with dissolved butter.
2. Make a small fried egg.
3. Put the fried egg in the middle of the honey pancake.

After you chose the category of the video that you will be doing, you are now ready for Step 2.

Step 2:  Go to this link.
Be sure to read the 'Tips for request to be selected' and 'Guideline for videos' on that page before you start filming your video.  Also bookmark this page, as after you have finished filming your request video. You'll need to visit it again and click the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page to fill-up the form, and then click submit.

Note: In that form, be sure to choose 'T-ARA' in the "I want THIS star to sing for me" tab.

Deadline for submitting your request is on July 24th at 9PM KST.