Feeling sorry and apologetic even though she doesn't need to, T-ara's JiYeon has now broken her silence after the breaking news last Saturday when her relationship with Lee Donggun went public.

She expressed, "This is T-ara's Jiyeon. I apologize for the sudden message. I've wondered for a long time how I should tell fans. It's late, but I thought it was right to tell you, who I sincerely value, personally, so I'm carefully writing this message. I think a lot of people were probably shocked. For me, my fans' support gives me great strength. I'm in the beginning stages of this relationship, so I hope that you watch over us and cheer us on. I'll return your love by working even harder. Thank you."

Additionally, through her interview with Star News, JiYeon shared, "He is considerate and takes good care of me", after she was asked bout Lee Donggun's charms.  She also shared her thoughts after their relationship became public by saying, "It still doesn't feel real. I don’t really know." As for the fans, JiYeon stated, "Fans have always been a source of strength for me. Since we are in the early stages of our relationship, I would be thankful if people viewed us positively and I will work hard."


Meanwhile, Lee Donggun also called JiYeon his destiny through his letter to fans.

"Hello, this is Dong Gun. I′m not sure how many months it has been since I left Korea. I successfully wrapped up filming for a movie, and I am currently filming a drama in Shanghai. I think we′re about 1/3 done. We still have a long way to go.

I′ve lost to the far-reaching powers of SNS. First, I′m so sorry that you found out something so big through reports. Ji Yeon and I are getting to know each other. Although she′s a lot younger than me, she′s someone who′s wise and prudent that I actually find myself leaning on her to the point that I never felt the age gap. As you already know, I′m still immature.

There are probably many eyes gazing at us. Their words may cause even the Zooms [fancafe members] to worry or doubt. But this I know for sure, I′m not shaken by others′ words. I′m going to protect her.

[Please be] On my side. Please be on our side. There aren′t very many people who are on our side right now^^. Because you all have been on my side without change until now, I ask this of you without a moment′s hesitation.

Someone I found after a long wait. Love. I don′t have any doubts because I believe it′s fate and destiny. I will do well. Please trust and watch over me.

p.s. Wishing only happiness.. for us all"