It's another moment with T-ara's sleeping EunJung!

She's with JiYeon and BoRam this time around, and you can check out their cute and funny pictures below.

"Eunjung: The unchanging me....#SleepIsMyDestiny #SleepILoveYou#SleepEunjung #ThePlaceI'llBeLyingMyHeadOnSoonIsMyBed...

"Eunjung: The unchanging me and the unchanging Jiyeonie.. ㅋㅋㅋ A strange secret is that my head becomes bigger when I sleep Should've slept on my side. That's the most comfortable position. #HahmEunjungDeepSleep #Falling Asleep with my mouth open. Good night everyone."

After that, EunJung also thanked fans for coming to watch them on Music Bank.

"During the music bank pre-recording today, our Queen's came with sunflowers on their heads! Infitnitely touched... #SoCrazy"

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