Here's T-ara's BoRam spending time with her friend and her cute daughter.

Check out their cute pictures where BoRam shared, "Acting pretty with Sinja unnie whom I like very very much_ Cutie Yura.  The day before unnie goes back to Japan, we had dinner together and shared so many stories with each other, so it was a very nice and blessed day.  At the end before I went home, Unnie's father personally came to see me and even gifted me with the Japanese snack that I like. (Father-!! See you in Nagoya)."

"Yura-chan's Korean. Teaching her to say Bo.Ra.Mu 
Thank you Yura-chan ♥"

"We went inside the clothing store because I wanted to buy a gift for Yura-chan for coming to Korea. Look at how she's picking it herself!!! >ㅅ< Even comparing them!!! >ㅅ< Cute!!! >ㅅ< ♥♥♥ At last, a cheese from Yura-chan who's an expert in posing for the camera. ♥"

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