T-ara's EunJung who has recently joined the cast of 'I Love You from Today' is receiving warm support from her fans.

Expressing her gratitude, here are her latest pictures where she shared, "The day we filmed set scenes, thank you for the sandwich lunchbox and beverage support ♥ (eating) heartily during lunch time..!! Always thankful. #FanSupport"

"Fans' support to Eunjung who transformed into Min Chaewon in KBS2TV ...♥ Sweet cookies, coffee, and drinks to the staff who suffered filming late at night! Even being with until the last scene, I was thankful..!! #support"

"I want to have that Chaewon character sticker. Sugar supplements for the outdoor filming!! Sweet cookies, chocolates, and snacks."

"Chaewon character sticker..please give me more of it. #sandwich #coffee #realjuice #thankyou"

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