The filming of the drama 'I Love You from Today' has already ended, and EunJung was out to celebrate it with her cast members.

Here she is thanking her cast members through the next pictures.

"Semi unnie personally handed them out! ♥ proof shot heuheulhu! #LoveYouFromToday #FinishingParty #LovingImSemi"

"Thank you for making me able to adjust easily! Amazing girl Semi unnie Seunghye and Chaewon #LoveYouFromToday"

"Seungyoon whom I met again after ! You shouldn't play around with the candy name-tag Semi unnie gave out  ㅋㅋ #Seunghye's BrotherSeungjae #LoveYouFromToday #MeetingAgainLikeThis #Hi"

"A cake Semi unnie's fans sent to celebrate the ending of the drama!! It has names of all the actors one by one, my name is written on it as well, thank you ♥ #ILoveYouFromToday #LovingImSemi #SemiUnnieIsAmazing #ICanSeeMyNameToo

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