Since Friday was a free day, T-ara's HyoMin came out to help her brother's restaurant.

Here she is showing her cooking skills.

"HyoMin: Chop steak is not a big deal 
#ImAChopSteakCookOnFridays #Daegawon #DailyChef"

"HyoMin: The beef restaurant my oppa runs. the boss is a bit childish but the taste is . Gyeonggi-do, Goyang-si, Ilsangdo-gu, Jungang-ro, 1283 Lotte Dept. Store Ilsan Branch, Daegawon (On Days where the food is too yummy, check the kitchen I might be there) #Daegawon #Ilsan #Restaurant #ChildishBoss)"

"HyoMin: (making) 7 servings is an easy job"

"HyoMin: a bowel of fried beef with rice"

As a bonus, you can also see HyoMin's SelCa with her friends below.

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