It's a merry Christmas with T-ara!

Aside from their selca pictures, here's their Christmas message which they sent through a handwritten letter.  It reads:

"Hello to all Queen’s, we are T-ara! Christmas is here!

Because of your love, it has been a very blissful year for us, thank you everyone! We were able to have a web drama of our own and toured around China to meet with everyone, thus making our 2015 a very meaningful and fruitful year.

From the promotion activities of our 11th mini album, So Good, to our various overseas activities; it was a really busy year for us. Nevertheless, our fans have been giving us strength and support and we are indeed very grateful for that! We will be giving everyone many more good news in 2016.

Please continue giving us your support and love! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and we hope that we had given everyone a very beautiful conclusion to 2015.

Thank you everyone, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas T-ara! 
Merry Christmas Queen's!

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