It was another awesome night with T-ara!

Their Great China Tour Concert in Guangzhou was a huge success, and the girls have proven that they are still on top of their game.  Likewise, Chinese Queen's have once again shown their endless love and support for the girls.  With that, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the fans, not only from China but everyone who are always there for T-ara.  For us, seeing how jam-packed T-ara's concert was really heartwarming so imagine how the girls felt during their concert.  THANK YOU, everyone!

Now, back to why you came here, here are the videos from T-ara's Great China Tour Concert in Guangzhou.

So Crazy + Why Are You Being Like This + Sexy Love

Love Game + Bo Peep Bo Peep

Solo Stages of SoYeon, BoRam and HyoMin

Day by Day + Like the First Time

Number 9 + Cry Cry

Solo Stages of EunJung, Qri, and JiYeon

Sugar Free + For You

ORGR + I Go Crazy Because of You + Time To Love + Lovey Dovey

Falling U

Falling U
(My favorite Ballad song of T-ara ^^)

Falling U + I'm Okay

Roly Poly + Bye Bye

Talk 1


Talk 2

Talk 3