T-ara's BoRam who celebrated her birthday yesterday, is now here to express her appreciation and her gratitude.

Together with her cute pictures, BoRam wrote, "Everything that happened yesterday was just so hectic, just like a dream.. only after the day finished... that I'm leaving a post ^^ Everyone who celebrated my birthday yesterday... my people who spent it with me.. I was really so thankful. Getting to see you up close again after such a long time, that alone made me happy.  Kkya--!!^^ ㅋ It was hectic... My birthday that was full of event from the start, starting of from v-app ㅋㅋ from my fans who just look over my kindly to my cute fans who spent the day with me... Just like I already said yesterday.. I was so thankful to the pont where I was wondering... How can i express this gratefulness through words♥  I also wished there can e many days in which we get to see each other like this..♥

Anyway, although my birthday ended yesterday, I was thankful to be able to spend the day with you... I was even more happy and happy.. I just wanted to say this... And, really really!! In the future too, let's meet more ofther where we can talk and laugh happily ^^ really!! hihi. Bye-!! Thank you so much for making it a happy day."

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