The preorder links are already up for T-ara HyoMin's 'Sketch'!

Aside from the photobook and photo cards, we're sure you are even more excited about the tracks which are included in this album.  That being said, it's now time to introduce the tracks from HyoMin's 'Sketch'.

1. Sketch - The title track, Sketch, is an R&B Electronic Soul song that compares a couple's love to a sketch. It talks about how love gets perfected and becomes a person's piece of work. The recording of the title track, alone, took more than a week to finish.  It's said to have the intent of a very precise artist hidden in it.  The rhythm change that shows throughout the bridge of the song sustains a feeling of tension to the song.

2. Gold - A song that has a refined synth sound and a beautiful piano sound. Hyomin has personally participated in writing the lyrics to this song.  She put in efforts to express her feelings to her fans.  It has a warm and sincere lyrics that talk about moving forward and having hope in life thanks to the love of her loved ones.

3. Road Trip - With its fancy brass sound and addictive melody, it's a song that can easily appeal to the public.  It lively expresses a card drive with a beloved one, and has a rhythmical vocals lifting upf the mood of the song.

4.  Still -  A 6/8 time song in which Hyomin personally participated in the composing and lyrics while B2st's Joonhyun was in charge of the lyrics.  It has a blue mood and expresses the emotional conflict of missing a loved one who must be forgotten, blending and huskiness were emphasized in the vocals in order to express that.  It has a sentimental ballad sound with captivating vocals.  Bassist Lee Yoon Joon participated in this song.

5. Only We Are Unaware of Our Story - Hyomin's 2nd self-composed song, she personally participated in the composing and lyrics.  It has lyrics that anyone who has experienced being in love can relate to.  It's a song that blends acoustic piano with guitar melody and has a bright feeling to it.  It also has the refreshing band sound and rhythmical melody that captures fan's hearts.  'Only We Are Unaware of Our Story', the song is self-contradictory and has an underlying significance to it.  Guitarist Lee Tae Wook from the band Soran has participated in this song.