M!Countdown's voting is now open for the international fans, and with T-ara HyoMin's solo comeback, it's now our turn to show our support by voting for 'SKETCH'.

You can register through email or you can also use your Twitter or Facebook account.

After registering you can only vote once a day and you can only vote every Friday 11AM KST to Monday 9AM KST. (So if you will use your Email, Twitter and Facebook, you can vote three times a day)

For more details please check the picture below..

Note: Follow the voting link posted, and then look for HyoMin's 'Sketch'. Click Vote, log-in, and then confirm your vote by clicking 'OK'.

For the social media score, also add the hashtags #Sketch #효민 in your tweets.

 Vote for HyoMin's 'Sketch' on on 'The Show'

For 'The Show' you also need to add the hashtag #더쇼 #효민 ##스케치 on your tweets , and go to this link, find HyoMin's 'Sketch' MV then click the orange button beside it to stream the video.

As for the other music shows, watching HyoMin's 'Sketch' MV will also add to her scores.