We've already introduced it before but because T-ARA is back and they will be more active in the app, we are back to feature V LIVE once again!

What's up with the app? V LIVE is an interactive application where fans or viewers can not only follow and watch their idols but type comments, send hearts, and more specially if you will buy their V LIVE+ / CH+ subscription which is already available for other groups/artists.

You can follow their scheduled broadcasts and if we are being lucky, our idols can suddenly greet us with their surprise broadcast.

Facts about V LIVE:
  • It is FREE!
  • It is available in more than 249 countries and in different languages too!
  • It has a total download of over 35 Million!
  • It doesn't only cover K-POP but it also offers contents about Dramas, Movies, Musicals, Beauty and Fashion!

Are you running on iOS or Android? No worries, because V LIVE is available on both platforms.

So what's our favorite channel? We love all the K-Pop stuff they are offering, but of course it's no other than T-ARA's V LIVE Channel!

Here are T-ara's latest broadcasts on V LIVE.  If you still haven't watched them, hurry and open your app or install it if you still don't have it.

Before we end this post, below is T-ara's latest clip from V LIVE.  Their dance practice clip for 'What's My Name?'.

See you there! We are off to watch and re-watch T-ara's clips. Ü