It's been over a month since T-ara's comeback!

When is their next? We don't know exactly yet but why don't we reminisce their previous comeback showcase while waiting for it, and that would be through VLIVE!

As always, the showcase started by introducing the members of T-ara.

Moments later, the girls greeted their fans not only in the studio but everyone watching live through the V Live App with their 'What's My Name?' performance.  How convenient is that, right?

After their performance, the girls went up with their live introductions.  It's been a long while since they met their fans and that's why the girls were a bit shy and CUTE during the said segment.


The girls prepared so much for the said showcase, and each of them had a solo stage for their fans.  That's why EunJung and HyoMin went backstage while Qri and JiYeon continued to talk with their fans.


The stage was ready and so EunJung went up to wow fans with her charismatic 'Real Love' performance.

It was then followed by HyoMin's cool and sexy performance of 'Ooh La la'.

After that JiYeon followed up with her sweet 'Lullaby' performance.

And last but not the least, it was Qri's turn to wow fans with her 'Diamond' performance.

After a quick break, the four girls were up on stage again to interact with their fans through V Live. It was great opportunity for T-ara to hear the opinions of their fans and vice versa.

Nearing the end of their showcase, T-ara performed their captivating song titled 'Reload'.

And to wrap it up, T-ara went up and performed their ballad song titled '20090729'.

It was a 1-hour showcase filled with fun and if you miss it or missed it, you can always re-watch it below or through V Live App.

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