Eunjung First Gallery Fanmeeting

Are you ready to meet Queen Eunjung?  

Mark your calendars because that would be on September 26 for Hahm Eunjung's Gallery Fan Meeting.

Here's a short description about this online fan meeting:

"The first fan meeting of Hahm Eunjung, who is skillfully growing as an actress after her singing role in the group T-ara, is being held in 2020! Part 1 and Part 2 of this concert have different themes each. In Part 1, you'll see an exhibition of the paintings that Eunjung drew herself, and she'll do some curating herself. For fans who can't physically join the fan meeting, we're offering a special live that has the backstage stories and the live recording of the concert!"

This is the V Live link where you can buy the ticket for Eunjung's fan meet.

Eunjung First Gallery Fanmeeting