T-ara's Eunjung is back as Cosette of 'Les Misérables'!

The play started its run last August 7th and will last until the 16th at the Seoul Arts Center.  To give us a tour at the venue and to take us to their rehearsals, here is the vlog from Eunjung.

Eunjung also appeared in 'Woman Sense' magazine and there she expressed, "I'm preparing for the play ‘Les Misérables.'” She expressed her hope for the audience to see her like they’re watching a T-ara performance and said, “Looking back on my career as a member of T-ara, I put all my energy into it every moment. There are still many people who are familiar with T-ara’s Eun Jung. So it will be perfect if they think I’m a person who never changes and works hard. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I want to stand out on stage alone. I think the harmony and teamwork of the ‘Les Misérables’ cast are the most important thing, so I’m putting all my efforts into becoming one with them".

She added, "Yes, I’m immersed in preparing for the play these days. I’m having a lot of fun researching everything about ‘Les Misérables.’ It’s fun to reinterpret existing characters into my own style. That’s why I won’t be able to give up on stage acting even after this is over. The fact that I can be seen in real time and live in a completely different era is particularly attractive to me. It’s fun to talk to and exchange opinions with the production cast and crew while preparing for the performance. I’m glad that I became part of a play" after she was asked if plays are her biggest interest nowadays.

The interviewer also mentioned about a T-ara reunion and to that she answered, "It was our 10th anniversary last year, and I’m sad that we couldn’t do anything special. We continue to receive many offers to reunite, and the members often discuss about the perfect timing for it. All of us want to reunite, but we’re in different circumstances, so it’s difficult to make it into a reality. But I still want to show you something as soon as possible."  She also added, "We want to start off with an image that makes people go, ‘You seem mature now,’ and then we can summon the original T-ara later on. Don’t you think that sounds fun?".  For the full interview you can read Eunjung's interview on Soompi.

Eunjung's pictures from the play.

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