Eunjung's Online Fanmeet is just around the corner, that will be on September 26th so better get your tickets here if you still haven't.

What about for Hyomin's fans?  She heard you that's why she will also be holding a fanmeeting through V Live+.  Hyomin's special broadcast is titled 'HYOMIN's ON/OFF Secret Date' and it will be held on October 17.

VLIVE's Description about 'HYOMIN's ON/OFF Secret Date'.

"The forever celebrity that is highly popular in various countries around the world, 'HYOMIN' prepares to meet global fans in over 230 countries around the world via VLIVE+. Part 1: will be a fashion lookbook time where HYOMIN creates styles with her fans, Part 2: will be a time to share a friendly conversation while eating the dishes she made in front of your eyes.💕 Domestic and foreign fans who love HYOMIN Please promise to meet both online and offline on October 17! 💋💋💋 Order of program 
1. Greetings in the waiting room 
2. Main performance 
Live streaming will be on: Part 1) 10/17(Sat) 2:45 PM / Part 2) 10/17(Sat) 6:45 PM (KST)"