Following Soyeon last January, Jiyeon is the next T-ara member to reveal her plans of getting married with the KT Wiz professional baseball player named Hwang Jae Gyun.

Through her handwritten letter, Jiyeon shared the news by saying...

Hello, this is Jiyeon.

There’s something I wanted to share with my fans directly, so I took courage in order to write this.

I debuted in my teens, and somehow the time has flown by and I’m now in my 30s.

When I was surrounded by anxieties and uncertainties after my debut as a young and scared teenager, when I wanted to give up due to hard times in my 20s, it was thanks to you who reached out your hands to me and cheered me on that I was able to pass through the long tunnel and get to where I am today.

Rather than hearing the news from other people, I wanted to tell my fans directly through my own words.

Last year, I had a boyfriend whom I started dating after meeting through an acquaintance. He is always considerate of me, takes care of me, and taught me what happiness is. Next winter, I will exchange vows with this boyfriend who has been like a gift that life has given me.

I will live happily and beautifully with my dependable boyfriend, who has always given me his shoulder to lean on and took firm hold of me when I was feeling unstable.

I’m worried that you might be surprised by the sudden news. Now that the day has come for me to share this happiness with everyone, I’m also nervous and shaking as I write word by word.

I will continue to repay the love and support of fans by showing a good image. Thank you and I love you

Congratulations JiYeon, we are always here to support you!

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